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My Jedi Journal

By Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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Dear Diary

What fun to find you again! Gee, the last time I wrote in you was way back in 2011. I was a fifth year student then and had Scalawag keeping track of me and a Nimbus 2000 and a motorbike and my dad and neighbor Alanna had just got married. Oh, yeah, my mom was still with her girlfriend, Anne Marie, and they are living together quite happy. And Fred, Alanna's cousin... such a hottie! Yes, indeed, lots were happening then.

And I stopped writing in you. Why? I don't know, it just happened. Well, what happened since then? I was going to go to Paris when Term ended! PARIS! So ... I went to Paris, found some more clothes (Alanna was with me) and no, they were not all leather (but a lot were). When school resumed, I continued to play Quidditch and was made Captain of the team. I became (how strange is this, eh?) a Prefect and then a Head Girl along with being a Prefect. I was getting the hang of my classes, and from getting Acceptable and sometimes an Exceeds Expectations, I was getting some Outstandings with Exceeds Expectations (but still that Acceptable in Numerology — I still don't understand how all that works!) Um. Mom married Anne Marie. Dad and Alanna are quite happy together. I got a different broomstick for being made a Captain... upgraded the Nimbus 2000 to a Firebolt. Scalawag and I still hang out together; evidently kneazles live a long time? I think she is all kneazle and was somehow mixed up with the half-kneazles in that basket.

Then I graduated, with unexpectedly great scores with my NEWTs (ie I passed them ....) and had to figure out what I wanted to do. I knew (as I'd written before) that I wanted to play Quidditch professionally (not being influenced by Fred at all, oh no). I graduated Spring of 2014 and tried out for the Holyhead Harpies (same team as Alanna). Got on as a reserve, which was pretty awesome. Then, in about 6 months, I was made first string! Playing Chaser at first but then somehow one of the Beaters left, and the captain had us all swinging bats and I was the best at hitting Bludgers so then was changed to be a Beater. That was fine; I was in the air and playing Quidditch for a couple of years.

But... somehow there was something missing and I looked around at the people in my life and what they were doing (and Alanna left the team to be with dad full time) and I realized I wanted to be a Magizoologist like dad. Finally I was grateful for all the studying I'd done and pulling my grades up. It didn't take much for me to qualify as a Magizoologist and in 2016, I was sent out on assignment OMG BY MY HERO Newt Scamander (!!!) (YES! it was HIM) to Africa to study panthers.

I found a Muggle definition with their OOgle to help clarify what I mean — "The animal genus Panthera of the Felidae family consists of animals that are considered as the big cats; the tiger, lion, jaguar, and the leopard. They are the animals that are equipped with a special morphology of the larynx that allows them to roar. The term "panther" comes from the Greek word "pan" meaning "all" and "ther" meaning "beast of prey" which was used to describe the animals that are able to kill and hunt other animals. The word "panther" is used to reference all spotted, big cats."

So I'm basically studying big cats. Why is this? Well ... the nundu. Mr. Scamander has a fascination with 'Fantastic Beasts' and thought a basic knowledge of panthers might help us to understand the nundu a bit more. Besides which, Mr. Scamander thinks that there are other magical beasts in the 'panther' line of which we are unaware. (Actually, that's why I'm really there, to discover more beasts, according to him, but the other is a valid reason to the MoM.)

All this written and no mention of Fred? That's because he's reading what I'm writing and I don't want to give away that he's a hottie. I guess you could say we're an item. That's a whole other story!