My Jedi Journal

By Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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So we finally get to Africa. I'm with Fred, the hottie. We are here to study nundus.

And I promptly came down with a "something" that doesn't have a name yet.

We were in an entire different section of Africa than any of the places where I'd been before. I was out exploring the surrounding area, using my Nimbus 2000, and I flew through what I thought was some sort of bit of low cloud. Something very strange happened, though. When I got through the cloud, my Nimbus 2000 was changed into another kind of broom (found out later it is a Cleansweep 5). And I felt different. Not inside me, but my body felt different. My hands on the broomstick handle looked different too — easy to spot as now they were sort of rainbow-colored.

There wasn't much to do except return to camp (and Fred and Newt and my dad). When I landed, no one was around for a few minutes so I went into the tent and looked in the mirror. Lovely. My face and neck, all the visible skin reflected in the mirror, were rainbow-colored. My hair was rainbow colored. Literal rainbows, one over another, covered my whole body. At least it wasn't pastels, right?

So I went back outside, to the well, and got me some water to drink, then poured a bucketful of water over my head. It's Africa and it's hot and I was sweaty and sticky and rainbow-colored. Maybe it would wash off? Nope.

The guys return. Fred was first. He, quite predictably, started laughing (after the first couple of seconds of making sure that I was okay) and came over and hugged me "Oh, my little sunshine and rainbows!"

I zapped him on the shoulder, scowling. Then Newt and dad come walking up the path and see me.

Needless to say, Newt was all excited and wanted to know how I did it! Dad was more like Fred except all he did was grin real big and turn a bit red in the face (holding in laughter? maybe he'd seen me zap Fred...).

The 3 guys gathered in the rest of the gang, of whom some are medics, and they checked me out and it seems all is fine except my skin is rainbow-colored. Oh, and my broom is still a Cleansweep 5. I warned them about the low cloud, and said this all happened in the time between entering the cloud and coming out of it, so a whole 2 or 3 seconds?

Predictably enough, some folks left a while later and came back rainbow-colored. Guess who....