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Quotation Notation

By Gail Allen, Ravenclaw

The fates lead those who will; those who won't, they drag.
— Seneca

We, as humans, always try to plan everything and try to control everything but sooner or later we have to realise that, despite our best efforts, it is not possible to control everything. At some point, you must let go and allow fate to lead you down whatever path the future takes. Of course, you can make some choices about your route yourself but not all of them. For those who embrace that, they will be able to better plan with the route laid out by fate in mind. On the other hand, those who refuse to surrender to fate's decisions will not be able to plan with the given circumstances, but will keep trying to change them no matter how impossible that may be. And at some point, it will be impossible, resulting in people not being led by fate, but being dragged. Nonetheless, they must go, for fate is a thing that no one can free themselves from.