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Quotation Notation

By February Fortescue, Slytherin

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Each of us is born with various talents in different measures. Some people are naturally good at English. They can read at a high level without really focusing on learning the skill, while others are naturally gifted writers, who can put their ideas into words with great beauty and clarity. Still others have a natural born knack for movement and balance, which are the envy of those who wish they possessed the skill. However, just because a person has the natural ability and aptitude doesn't mean they will chose to use their gifts. They may choose to focus completely on something else entirely. The skill doesn't necessarily follow the interest. The person who is gifted at writing may prefer to become a chef. The person who has excellent balance may want to become an Auror. The choice to become an Auror or a Chef and to focus on those skills is far more important that any inborn, and yet unused and mostly ignored, talent, because making a choice is choosing to act, and our actions are what matters, and what we have control over. Our actions are our destiny, not our unused abilities. Also, just because you don't have a natural talent towards something doesn't mean you can't work hard and succeed at your chosen endeavor. You may not be naturally gifted at balance, but there are exercises you can do to improve your balance, and if becoming a gymnast is your goal and you make that choice, you are well on your way!