What I Did For My Summer

By Hannah Lovegood

I went to the beach
I splashed around
I read a book
I read the Wizarding Times
I chatted with my friends
I made new friends
I had a bunch of fun
I drew pictures
I took photos
I wrote a book
I took a bike ride
I made bracelets
I imagined what happened when I got back to Hogwarts
I gave my friends hugs
I had a dance party
I jumped on a trampoline
I listened to music
I baked cookies
I picked flowers
I made my world a better place
I went to a forest
I hung out with my sister
I ate ice cream
I told my friends how cool they are
I made gifts for my friends
I played with my doll
I hugged my puppy Rocket
I watched the animals walk around
I rolled in the grass
I played at a playground
I had so much fun over my summer that I could burst with happiness