Falling into Autumn

By Prof. Cosmo B. Mott

Autumn's my favorite time of the year. It starts with comfortable temperatures and ends with a chill. There's both a warmth and a coldness to the light. The trees turn pretty colors (like golden yellow!). I get to start wearing cardigans again. The bugs start going away. I love it.

For me it's also the time of new beginnings. Yes, most people look at spring as the time to start fresh, but not me. Maybe it's tied in with school starting in September, but I always feel energized to start new projects, organize my things, or get a new wardrobe... or a few new pieces, anyway (and often in fall colors that I enjoy: golden yellows, full-bodied reds, and rich browns). Maybe it's just that final burst of productivity before hunkering down to hibernate for the winter. Whatever it is, autumn is something I always look forward to.

But before we all start hibernating, perhaps peruse this month's issue of the Wizarding Times. We've got interviews, book reviews, poetry, and plenty of games to keep you occupied as the Hogwarts days get shorter.