Puzzle 12: Criss Cross - Popular Cities to Visit for Your Summer Holiday

By Harry Walles

Send your solution to Bucky Badger at the Wizarding Times (wizardingtimes[@]gmail.com) with the subject "WT June 2021 - Puzzle 12 - Criss Cross" and earn 20 beans! Be sure to include your HOL name and house in the body of the email.

Graphic is of a criss-cross puzzle.

Click here for the full-sized puzzle.

the words for the criss-cross puzzle, which are the following: 4 letter words (Bali, Male, Rome), 5 letter words (Crete, Dubai, Paris, Prague), 6 letter words (Athens, London, Sydney, Venice), 7 letter words (Bangkok), 8 letter words (Barcelona, LasVegas), and 9 letter words (Santorini)