Summer at Hogwarts

By Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

It's difficult to believe that we've made it through another school year without any overt signs of trouble. Yes, we still have Death Eaters at large, crime waves show up here and there in England (and in the world at large). But then again, there are signs of continued well-being throughout Britain and the world — and Hogwarts. Life at Hogwarts has changed a little, reflecting the changes in the world. Many of us at the Wizarding Times received our basic witch training here at the school, and so, once again, I came to Hogwarts for this issue of the Wizarding Times.

"This is Tarma Black of the Wizarding Times, reporting live from just outside the entrance doors at Hogwarts. School is out for the summer, and most of the students have returned home for the holiday. Some teachers have also left, as they wish to go to their homes, or revisit family, or take trips to other countries. Some people still remain, though, and I'm sitting in this very comfortable chair waiting for whoever shows up and sits in that chair." *pointing to another comfy chair, also sitting in the shade and just a few feet away from Tarma's chair, angled towards her*

"Our idea was to simply be here, with our obvious WT paraphernalia, and see who wants to talk with us, be interviewed, or just say what is on their mind. We'll be happy either way, won't we Katie?" *Tarma nodded to the camerawoman, who was, herself, seated in a comfy chair which was angled so she could get on film both Tarma and whoever would be sitting in the other chair. All three chairs were slightly behind an upright pillar, so one had to lean to see the front door.*

"You might as well stop filming..." Tarma said, after a few minutes went by and no one showed up. Immediately upon her saying that, Katie (with a sigh of relief) put down the heavy camera. Then Katie quickly grabbed it up again as a group of students came by, rushing out the doorway (and then slamming the huge doors shut). They scattered with yippings and laughter into the courtyard. Katie filmed their antics, focusing on the kids as they started up what appeared to be an impromptu game of magic water balloon. One of the kids saw her, and saw Tarma, and pointed. Immediately all the kids zeroed in on the Wizarding Times people and, with merry shouts of glee, threw their water balloons with astounding accuracy at them. Katie put up a shield charm around her camera (as did Tarma) so it was doubly protected but their attention to the camera left them both open to attack.


In less time than it takes to write it, the WT reporter and camerawoman were drenched. The door opened and someone, an older person, a professor maybe, walked out. She didn't see Tarma or Katie off to the side, but glared out upon the group of children. "Enough!" she said, with a quiet voice that somehow managed to be heard by everyone. The kids all stopped what they were doing, and, in the way of fae and creatures of magic, somehow all managed to disappear into various places.

The woman (who Tarma recognized as Professor McGonagall) turned back to the doorway and, because of the direction of her turning, still didn't see Tarma or Katie sitting drenched in their chairs. She went through the open door and gently closed it, disappearing inside.

Tarma looked at Katie, who looked at Tarma. Katie had gotten all of it on film and with sound! Both grinned and then started laughing so hard they started crying. Katie focused her camera back on the drenched reporter, drenched chair and small lake on the floor.

"This is Tarma Black of the Wizarding Times, reporting live from Hogwarts, happy to say that not much has changed."