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Diamonds Galore: Diamond Report as of October 2020

By Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Diamonds are used to count house points for Hufflepuff in the Harry Potter books. Here at HOL Hogwarts, we use diamonds to count internal house points in our Huffle Hourglass. The three people with the most diamonds at the end of the school year earn awards!

The Diamond count for 2019-2020 ended with June and a new year of counting started with July. They are counted on a monthly basis and posted in the Sett. You can see them here.

We can earn diamonds by participating in different Hufflepuff activities in many areas in the Sett. The month of July had 10 activities, August had 9, September had 12 activities and October had 16 activities in which people could earn Diamonds. Some of these activities were in badger-only parts of the Sett such as the Huffle Kitchen, the Badger Library, and those given by the Huffle Staff. But, generally speaking, the activities providing bunches of Diamonds are open to all people of HOL Hogwarts. The bulk is given by the Department of Huffle Games and Sports (DoHGaS), also known as the Games Tent. The Fireplace and the Creative Club, located in the Fireside Area, also give out fair share of diamonds to participants. In addition, major house activities such as the "From the Highlands to Forks" last July, "Huffleween" in October and "Wonders of the World" last September up to the present are also great sources of these shinies.

So far, 42 people have participated with diamonds earned from 6 to 1,589. Fifteen people have 500+ diamonds in their bags of holding! The highest accumulation so far is with Harry Walles of Hufflepuff, with 1,589 Diamonds in his possession. Close behind him are Mia Fountain (Ravenclaw) with 1,452, Louis Walles (Slytherin) with 1,392, and Prof. Will Lestrange (Slytherin) with 1,391.

If you would like to see the top 10 of Diamonds Galore so far, here they are!

1. Harry Walles - 1,589
2. Mia Fountain, Ravenclaw - 1,452
3. Louis Walles, Slytherin - 1,392
4. Prof. Will Lestrange, Slytherin - 1,391
5. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 1,128
6. Carrie Warts, Gryffindor - 1,061
7. Lorainia Riverrider, Gryffindor - 1,057
8. Prof. Felicia Hartwick - 933
9. February Fortescue, Slytherin - 907
10. Kendra Givens, Ravenclaw - 799

We invite you to check out the Sett for more activities. Who knows? You may get to see your name in the Wizarding Times as a diamond frontrunner and earn awards at the end of the year.