Top 5 Books

By Harry Walles

Graphic shows bookshelf with 5 books shown on the two visible shelves; their front covers face the audience

As travelling becomes an option again, it is wise to prepare some good books to take with you for the summer holiday. Check out my TOP 5 Books for this summer to take some inspiration!

#1 Girl, Missing — Sophie McKenzie

A teenager from England called Lauren was adopted. She is very eager to know more about her past, but her parents disapprove of this. She decides to solve this mystery by herself, but everything changes when she finds out she may have been kidnapped from her biological family as a baby. Running away from her parents, she travels to America to discover the truth.

I really loved this book because it was a very interesting and unexpected story. I found it to be a great thriller with many shocking scenes, and I definitely recommend this book to all of you.

#2 A Street Cat Named Bob — James Bowen

A stray ginger cat changes the life of James Bowen, a homeless London street musician who is also a recovering drug addict.

After watching the movie with the same title, I decided to read the book and was not disappointed. I think the story is absolutely adorable and worth telling. The real cat Bob has sadly passed away; therefore, this book is a real tribute to one of the best companions ever.

#3 It — Stephen King

The book tells a story of seven children who are terrorized by an evil entity that exploits the fears of its victims to disguise itself while hunting for its next prey.

I was quite excited to read this book since the movie from 2017 is my favourite movie of all time. The book was very fun to read, and I love the fact I was able to learn more about the characters I met in the movie adaptation.

#4 Winnie-the-Pooh — A. A. Milne

A series of 10 stories featuring Winnie the Pooh — a sweet but very clumsy bear with a big heart and a huge appetite.

When I was a child, I was a huge fan of Winnie-the-Pooh, so when I saw this book in my local library, I automatically thought about reading it to my kids! They love the book as much as I do, and they really enjoy reading the stories about Pooh and his friends.

#5 Into the Water — Paula Hawkins

Before her death, Nel called her sister Jules. Jules didn"t pick up the phone, ignoring Nel"s plea for help. Nel is now dead, and the police claims she jumped — but Jules knows her sister would never have jumped. Jules is forced to come back to the Old Mill, a place she hoped to never see again. But most importantly, she"s scared of a place called the Drowning Pool. Did Nel really jump? Will Jules ever find out?

I really enjoyed this book despite my family disliking it. I thought the story was original, intriguing, and extremely shocking! I highly recommend it!