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Serpentine Scoop: Slytherin Report

By February Fortescue, Slytherin

Graphic shows rectangle of pale silver with dark green border and an inset silver border. Words inside rectangle read Slytherin Report. The font of letters for the word Slytherin is comprised of green snakes with brown pieces of wood. The word report is in medium green and straight cursive.

Welcome to the Slytherin Report! We cunning and ambitious folks always have something interesting going on in the Dungeons, so slither on in and join in on the fun!

Our Read Along is currently reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Each week, we have two discussion tasks and we have daily trivia questions. We aren't very far along into the book, and anyone can jump in at any time and pick up some shiny scales along the way.

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at a muggle arcade game, or compete against other muggles? The Dungeons is the place to be! Prof. Will Lestrange heads up our Arcade Club. Each month, he offers up a new arcade game for people to take their best shot at. Maybe this month, you'll be the person with the highest score and earn the Gold Joystick Award!

Are you more of a puzzle person? Then stop by our Puzzle Exchange, where you can either make a puzzle, solve a puzzle, or do both, and earn scales at the same time!

Slytherin also boasts an active Silly Snakes section, where you can play games and get to know other people. Sometimes, you learn things you never dreamed of. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is really going to miss summer.

For the month of October, Slytherin hosted its regular Slyth-o-ween event, and this year we've called it Town Treats. This year's event took a look at trick or treating from a wizarding perspective. Don't forget to drop by and get your free signature, discuss treats, share your costume, and play the boggart game!

We finalized our October issue of the Slytherin newspaper, SerpenTimes, titled Snake Eyes, which was published the middle of October. The next edition will be out in January, so keep an eye out for when we're accepting submissions. Now is your big chance to be a columnist, or to show off your graphics or writing talents and earn points for yourself and your house at the same time!

See you in the Dungeons!

Editor's Note: The title "Serpentine Scoop" was inspired from the article written by Jessie Barren in the April 2004 issue of the WT.