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  1. I'd like to do the Gryffindor update
  2. HOL Genetics edit: added that in, Adaleine - Thanks! - Tarma
  3. Hi Anna and Lucia! Welcome to the Sett! Have some butterbeer.
  4. Hi Narcissus! Welcome to the Sett! Have some butterbeer!
  5. Hi everyone! This month we are going to be coloring a Hogwarts themed coloring page! It isn't the usual coloring page of the castle, though. You can color this anyway you want (by hand, online, etc.). If you color it by hand please take a picture and upload it to an image hosting program, and post the link. Any other way that you do it please also upload it to an image hosting program and post the link. Posting down below by September 30 at 11:59 pm HOL time will get you 10 diamonds! Link to coloring page: https://postimg.cc/PvX16Dk2
  6. Hey Emily! Welcome to the Sett! Have some butterbeer!
  7. Hi Lora! Welcome to the Sett! Have some butterbeer!
  8. I can't believe I haven't introduced myself here yet. I'm Adaleine Shuster, a second year Hufflepuff and Hufflepuff Quidditch Team member. Hi Ravena! Hi Romilda! Hmm... all of the butterbeer fudge and muffins seem to be gone. That just won't do. Have these! *puts out a freshly baked plate of chocolate cookies, along with some butterbeer*
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