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  1. Hi Anna and Lucia! Welcome to the Sett! Have some butterbeer.
  2. Hey Mae! Welcome to Hufflepuff and the Sett!
  3. Happy birthday, Katelin! I hope you are having the most amazing day!
  4. Hi Narcissus! Welcome to the Sett! Have some butterbeer!
  5. I joined HOL last November, so I never truly got to experience back to school. I’m really excited for classes to start up again, and to (hopefully) be more active in HOLLERS and the Book Club. Last term I was only able to play in one quidditch match, so I’m excited to resume that, along with some more botting. I’m just really excited to make new friends and see what the new year holds!
  6. Hey Emily! Welcome to the Sett! Have some butterbeer!
  7. Hi Lora! Welcome to the Sett! Have some butterbeer!
  8. Luna Lovegood + Albus Dumbledore - Hermione Granger - 15 Remus Lupin - 27 Sirius Black - 23 Rubeus Hagrid - 11 Fred Weasley - 26 George Weasley - 23 Minerva McGonagall- 17 Luna Lovegood - 27 Albus Dumbledore - 3 Neville Longbottom - 16 Molly Weasley - 14
  9. There are a couple of big, brown couches that you sink into when you sit down in.
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