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  2. #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 =80 diamonds (865 pieces)
  3. Ooo, muffins~ My name is Elyse Levine, and I'm a first year Gryffindor. I'm usually found outside reading beneath a tree, or I often frequent the Care for Magical Creatures class. I have a love for animals, and recently picked up drawing.
  4. Hi all. I am here to say that Fels and Jodie have done wonderfully in getting together data for diamond counts and such. I am behind in counting up all the shinies ... so I might as well say why I'm so late! (A wizard is never late ...) Anyway, earlier this month I drove across the country, from Washington state to Alabama, covering 500+ miles a day, for 6 days. When I got to Alabama, I was tired .... and tired. So really you didn't want me to total up your diamonds then! (This was last week.) Then it appears that I have now a huge new-to-me family (because, yes, I'm also getting married fairly soon, not sure of date yet) and the whirl-wind of activity simply hasn't slowed down. So what I'm doing is learning how to claim time for the computer! You've not been forgotten -- neither has the April diamond count been forgotten -- but, while I'm becoming used to a new, regular, schedule which seems to require 28 hour days and 8 day weeks, I'm searching for a time-turner. (There are some left, right?) My plan is, currently, to get Secrets of Dumbledore all settled up and posted by this weekend, and then get the April diamonds counted up! In the meantime, it's lovely here in Alabama.
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  6. This is a picture of just one of my Lillies of the Valley. I aroma of the Lilly patch when I walk out my front door is absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately the blooms don't last too long, but they are beautiful while they do. unfinished - https://imgur.com/a/PAn6sRU finished - https://imgur.com/a/u7CsGWb
  7. Ohhhh, this is a tough question. What island would I pick. Do I go for the beaches or sightseeing? I know of one where I can get both. Sullivan's Island in South Carolina. It has two of my favorite things, beaches and history. Beautiful beaches to soak up the sun and Fort Sumter to go back in history. My oldest daughter and hubby visited Sullivan Island a few years ago and said it was a place I would love and I believe she is right. Now come July 1st, I'm official retired and can plan trips... especially one to Florida to visit my daughter who moved there in December, and South Carolina is on the way... well, you never know, a side trip might be in order!
  8. Have I ever been on an island? The answer is, yes, but not the kind I'm sure you're all think. No sun soaked, white sand beaches for me. Being NYC born and bred, my islands were, Long, Staten, Coney and City. That would be Long Island, Staten Island, Coney Island and City Island. Long Island does have some great beaches, such as, Jones Beach, Long Beach, Robert Moss beach and so many more. As a teenager and young adult, every Saturday during the summer you would find me at Jones Beach with friends. Back then we didn't know any better about sunblock. No, you would find us lathered with baby oil to work on our tans. As for Staten Island, I've never set foot on the island, but when we had nothing to do on a Friday night, way back when, my friends and I would ride the Staten Island Ferry back and forth from NYC just to do something. Coney Island... I think everyone has heard of Coney Island. It has a great beach, boardwalk and an amusement park. Always a fun time was had there. City Island has the best sea food restaurants that you can find. Anna Harbour was my favorite, sadly it was sold and is now the Seashore Restaurant. I'm guessing it is still a great place to eat.
  9. I think the biggest advantage as well as disadvantage for those who live on an island are tourists. Yup, I know how it sounds but hear me out. I live in the capital of the UK. Although London highly depends financially on all tourists, we locals really hate them sometimes. We do acknowledge how important they are for our financial situation, however, there is nothing more annoying than a blocked street because of tourists taking photos while you are running late for work and try to squeeze past them. It is really frustrating! Although we love everyone, sometimes it is too much!
  10. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Secrets of Dumbledore Thank you for joining our Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Tarma and I thank you for the opportunity to once again continue with the story of Fantastic Beasts. We would also like to thank Jodie Smith for volunteering to help with this event. Her help was greatly needed the last week of the game when RL reared its head for Tarma and myself and she handled herself magnificently. I have a feeling we'll be seeing many events with Jodie's name attached to them. It looks like Theseus, Albus, Jacob and Newt are looking to see who earned diamonds, but even though lots of Diamonds were earned, we are still in the process of totaling up the numbers. So bear with us and we do our work. As soon as we have the numbers they will be placed in this post. A basic breakdown of Diamonds earned is this. First shown is your name, then the Diamonds earned in the weekly activities and then the Diamonds earned doing the trivia -- then the total number of Diamonds which will be plopped into your folder! Edited just now by Prof. Felicia Hartwick
  11. I think the main disadvantage for people living on an island is the somewhat limit of supplies, whether talking about food or other products. Since the shipping would probably take much longer than for countries that are not islands, the supply of products in stores can be put at risk or shortages. On the other, for proper islanders, this may not be an issue. For them this may be a proper opportunity to get some life skills, such as farming. By producing local products and growing its own plantation, they improve the quality of food supply as well as celebrate their native culture.
  12. One creature I think I would like to see in the Fantastic Beasts movie is a Werewolf. We have Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series among others like Greyback. But I would like to see a Werewolf in human and in werewolf form in the Fantastic Beasts movies as well. We would learn more about that condition from that time and how they dealt with it. Another creature I think would be neat to see in Fantastic Beasts is an Acromantula, maybe it could be an ancestor of Aragog and maybe Newt could have one in his suitcase or something. Newt Scamander isn't a whole lot different than Hagrid really, they both love magical creatures. Hagrid raised Aragog, so Newt could have an Acromantula as well. I'm like Ron when it comes to spiders, but I think that would make things interesting, especially inside his suitcase. It also wouldn't hurt to see dragons featured in either the 4th or 5th Fantastic beasts movies. They could even help during the battle with Grindelwald, either on Dumbledores side or fighting on Grindelwalds side.
  13. I agree with Louis as well. I do think that Newt and maybe Dumbledore might have taught Jacob some things about a wand and how to use it properly in order to help him better protect himself. But I also think that Jacob being a muggle or no-maj will never be able to use the magic in the same way as an actual witch or wizard. Take a Squib for an example. A squib is typically around magic all of his or her life, growing up with magic parents and possibly other magic relatives, but the Squib will never be able to actually perform magic, especially in the same way as the others. So I think Jacob will learn to be able to use the wand to protect him from bad witches and wizards, like Grindelwald, and maybe perform the simplest spells, but I don't think he will be able to do much more than that. I think if I was a muggle or no-maj, going to Hogwarts, I would see the old ruins and danger signs. I would be very weary going past them. But I would then I would be very suprised to find a school hidden within those ruins and see witches and wizards running around or going to magic classes. I think that would be pretty cool to see!
  14. I've always wondered about living on an island. There are so many islands in the Pacific Northwest, notably the San Juan Islands (an archipelago in the U.S. state of Washington known for rural Pacific Northwest landscapes and wildlife), which are both large and small. Then, of course, we all have seen pictures of the islands in more temperate climes ..... What would be some of the difficulties of living on an island? What would be some of the advantages? Do you think that maybe some of the difficulties, as seen by some, would be regarded as advantages by others? If so, what would those 'issues' be? If you use images in your post, please keep the size of the graphics to 600x600 or less (each). Earn 25 Diamonds when you reply in here. Please have at least 100 words to earn the Diamonds. You have until the end of May to earn your Diamonds.
  15. Sometimes an island is actually a country! Does this seem strange or does it seem wonderful? Or does this seem both strange and wonderful? What about Indonesia -- which is an archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in Maritime Southeast Asia. Indonesia is the most populous island nation, and the most populous country in South-East Asia, and the island nation with the most islands (13,466). Here's a Sudoku celebrating Indonesia! Direct link to Sudoku Enjoy! Send me your solution in a Sett PM by the end of May to earn your Diamonds. Title your PM "Wonders - Islands - Sudoku".
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