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  2. Kittens Unfinished - 100 pieces - Jigsaw ap Finished
  3. House Unfinished - 100 pieces - Jigsaw ap Finished
  4. Heart Cookies Unfinished - 100 pieces - Jigsaw ap Finished
  5. This term, I'm taking Silvana Mandeville's Ancient Alchemy, Emily Spencer's Astrological Road Trip, Louis Walles' Guide to Shapeshifting, Prof. Sindor Aloyarc's Muggle Studies Hidden Powers II, and Prof. Will Lestrange's Word Magic. I'm fascinated by Astrology in general, and am really looking forward to Emily's Astrological Road Trip. The project looks like a blast! I love the idea of changing into any animal form, so Louis' class has definite appeal. I enjoy meditation and psychology, and I think Sindor's class is a good fit for me. I also have degrees in English and French (my French is very rusty, BTW, so please don't message me in that language hahaha) and I enjoy words, so I'm definitely looking forward to Will's class as well. I know nothing about Alchemy. I'm looking forward to learning about it. I guess my lack of knowledge will make this one my hardest? Hard to say. I'm a fourth year student. I am neither a Professor nor an Assistant.
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  7. November? For some reason I remembered that being the non-summer month that Finns like to leave the country to go on holiday...
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  9. Task 1 I don't listen to her to be honest, but there was time when I listened to 'Halo' (maybe my friends play it and I was there). So, 'Halo'. Task 2 I will not pretend that I know her. I just googled this fact, she did the voice of Nala '2019 Lion King Remake'.
  10. Hello! I don't even listen Beyonce, but here you go, Task 1 https://ibb.co/1TypVpr Task 2 https://ibb.co/vQ1gQKV
  11. A all Porch ---- With any luck I'll have a front porch like this next year unfinished - https://imgur.com/a/2osaUf0 finished - https://imgur.com/a/bNqUM50
  12. Swirls Unfinished - 100 pieces - Jigsaw ap Finished
  13. Umbrellas Unfinished - 100 pieces - Jigsaw ap Finished
  14. Flower Kitty Unfinished - 100 pieces - Jigsaw ap Finished
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