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  2. WAIT! You can put your own images in the Happy Color app?!?
  3. 300 piece puzzle Unfinished: https://i.ibb.co/SxfBDPz/Wizarding-Jigsaw-Challenge-Jigsaw-3-before.png Finished: https://i.ibb.co/crZGpgQ/Wizarding-Jigsaw-Challenge-Jigsaw-3-after.png
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  5. The answer to Question 23 is: Advance Potion-Making Those sending in the correct answer were: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Louis Walles Harry Walles Aster Arensin Violet Westport Maeve Madden Ellie Vernez Question 24: Who did Snape make the Unbreakable Vow with?
  6. Another charitable work they have done was in 2015. In 2015, the band released a song called 'I Was Me' for the One4 project. All the proceeds went to the UN Refugee Agency to support fleeing refugees, particularly in the Middle East.
  7. In 2018, Dan Reynolds participated in the making of a documentary called Believer. This documentary focuses on the intersection between LGBT and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In the documentary Dan works tirelessly to organize the LOVELOUD Festival in Utah to support the LGBT Youth of Utah that often experiences a lot of homophobia. Dan also mentions his own path of acceptance and support towards LGBT community after growing up in a homophobic environment and in the Mormon family.
  8. 'Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light'

    Albus Dumbledore

  9. Thank you Tarma for the wonderful birthday wishes here and in the forums! I had a wonderful day!
  10. Louis Walles is first to send in Jigsaws - and he sent in both! Island - 13:36 and Morning Mist - 12:00 Followed by Harry Walles with both Island - 12:46 and Morning Mist - 14:20 Who is next? Ashton with both Island - 11:37 and Morning Mist 8:06
  11. The answer to Question 21 is: Eye In The Sky Those sending in the correct answer were: Harry Walles Louis Walles Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Astor Arensin Prof. Will Lestrange Mia Fountain Elena Galatas Ellie Vernez Maeve Madden The answer to Question 22 is: The Slug Club Those sending in the correct answer were: Harry Walles Louis Walles Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Astor Arensin Prof. Will Lestrange Mia Fountain Elena Galatas Ellie Vernez Maeve Madden Aurelia West Question 23: What book did Harry us in The Half Blood Prince that once belonged to Snape?
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  13. When it comes to movies that used clouds as an important scene element, the most obvious choice is the Lion King. If you remember well, there was one scene when Mufasa came to Simba in form of a ghost in a cloud to shake him up a little and warned him that he needs to step up and return to his kingdom and fight for it. This movie scene took ages to create and it is almost impossible to remake. Even in the modern version of The Lion King, the director decided that it would be best to not recreate the scene.
  14. One movie that I definitely remember that used clouds to create a scene is the movie called 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'. In the movie, Spirit, main character is finally reunited with his family. The final scene has a photo of clouds that look like horses (I included the photo below so it would be clearer as to what exactly I am talking about). A fun fact is that a few years ago I accidentally found clouds that looked almost identical to this movie scene below and I know I have this photo somewhere but I have no idea where it is.
  15. Clouds are marvelous and wonderful. People don't usually think of them except when they want them around (for rain or snow) or they don't want them around (because it's been too much rain or snow)! Clouds, though, are also beautiful. No matter what kind of cloud it is, there is a certain mystique about them. Imagine something so 'solid looking' and yet ... you can walk through it! Clouds form a basic and integral part of all kinds of forms of art -- including movies, paintings, writing and photography. Here are a couple of 'cloud' Jigsaws. Do either one for the Diamonds. (If you do both, I'll send Beans for the 2nd one.) One, you will notice, has fewer pieces but be aware - those pieces rotate. Clouds - Island Jigsaw Clouds - Morning Mist Jigsaw Send me the picture of the completed Jigsaw (with number of pieces and time included in the screencap) via Sett PM (titled Wonders of the World - Jigsaw) by the end of September and earn 25 Diamonds. You have until September 30th to send me your solved Jigsaws! I will send Beans to the 3 people who have the fastest time for either Jigsaw. Hint: If you are going for a 'fastest time' be sure to use the Pause button!
  16. As seen in the Jigsaws and Sliding puzzles, clouds are often featured as part of the 'setting' of a scene in a movie or show. I think of two movies immediately, where the use of clouds is part of an opening scene or in a major scene during the show. Both come complete with music! That is from Thor: Ragnarok ..... Without the clouds and lightning, well, he is God of Thunder, yes? The clip from movie, with Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin Another, and actually the very first that I thought of, is from an enchanting movie, Excalibur. Merlin arrives, walking up hill and from out of the mist. The background music is by Richard Wagner. What movie or show have you seen where the use of clouds, or mist, is used to help create the scene? (You are free to use Thor: Ragnarok or Excalibur if one of those is what you first think of.) If you use images in your post, please keep the size of the graphics to 600x600 or less (each). Earn 25 Diamonds when you reply in here. Please have at least 100 words to earn the Diamonds. You have until the end of September to earn your Diamonds.
  17. I really enjoyed the Evolve album so my top 3 songs would be: - Walking the Wire - Make it up to you - Rise up
  18. Well...there are many songs that I love from Imagine Dragons but if I were to choose my top 5 songs (the reasons being due to the lyrics and melody) I would go for: - Yesterday - Curse - Next To Me - I'm so Sorry - Amsterdam
  19. For me the biggest disadvantage of being in Snape's class would be the way he treats his students. As we all probably know, Snape happens to favor Slytherin students and me being a very proud Hufflepuff...well this may be an issue. I also do not like how harsh he is during the lessons. He never compliments his students (or very rarely) and that would probably highly discourage me from learning more about Potions. I would probably end up avoiding his classes at all costs and would not be happy to participate in my lessons. I believe a good motivation for students is a key to successful education.
  20. When it comes to disadvantages I assume the answer is pretty straightforward, however most people see the downside of being in his class differently so let's talk about my point of view. I believe he is too hard on students, which makes him very demanding (extremely demanding). I am always a good student (I try to be), and I try to submit all of my assignments on time. But I do have to admit that science related subjects are not my strong side, and I would not probably be very good at Potions. Snape wouldn't be too happy about it and probably result in me skipping his classes.
  21. I agree with Louis it would be wise to split my answer into advantages and disadvantages because, just like Louis said, there are plenty of them. I would like to be a student in Snape's potion class because as most of you have already mentioned, he, despite everything, is still a great teacher. He is very wise and his knowledge is extensive. His harsh behavior would make me try my best every time I were on his lessons because I would really like to impress him at some point and learn more about potions and potions making. He would be truly amazing at this.
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