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  1. I personally, have heard of May Day, but have never celebrated or done any celebrating of it. It typically isn’t celebrated in my park of the States. Typically in May we celebrate my husband’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and this year we were supposed to be having a beach trip, which is obviously not happening right now. Other things we do in May are mulch the yard and plant flowers for the season. We like to have the front yard spruced up and buy lots of different flowers to help beautify the neighborhood. May, also hold a lot of graduations and proms in our area, but aga
  2. To round out the theme for this month, I give you Star Wars Coloring Pages. You can earn up to 30 diamonds this month, each page is worth 10 diamonds. Post your finished work in this thread! You have until 11:59pm HOL time on May 31st to post!.
  3. I for one am a huge Star Wars fan, and started looking for easier crafts that stick to the theme and still seem cute and I was super surprised on how many I found. You can complete one craft for 15 diamonds and earn up to 30 diamonds for this month. You can chose to do one of the crafts I post, or find your own (just make sure it is Star Wars themed). Post your finished product in this thread for all to see. You have until 11:59pm HOL time May 31st to post your craft.
  4. Since tomorrow is May the 4th, I thought Star Wars would be an appropriate theme for the month. I found a few "How To Draw..." pages, but feel free to draw any sort of Star Wars character, object, creature etc. you would like. You will earn yourself 25 diamonds for posting your drawing. Make sure if you don't use one of the How To's to put the name of the character/object/creature etc you drew. You have until 11:59pm HOL time to post. BB8 R2 D2 Kylo Ren
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. To finish the month out lets draw some rainbows. Each submission should have two rainbows on it (you can submit separately if you would like) The first should be a traditional rainbow with the tradition colors in the traditional order. The second rainbow can have any colors in any order you wish. You recreate your rainbows with any type of drawing materials you would like (crayons, markers, pencils, on the computer, etc.) You will receive 10 diamonds for each rainbow you submit (up to two rainbows) for a total of 20 diamonds. These need to be posted by 11:59pm HOL time on March 3
  7. For this month's theme (rainbows) create a rainbow with the colors (in order) read, orange, yellow, green, and blue (purple if you feel like it) with unusual items. These items don't have to curve like a typical rainbow, but it needs to not be drawn or be a coloring page. Below are a few examples. You can use what you have around your house or even look for things outside. Take a picture of your "rainbow" and post it here for 15 diamonds. This need to be posted by 11:59pm HOL time on March 31st.
  8. I know we only have roughly a week left of the month, but it's a great month for relaxing at home and coloring! Color the page by whatever means you would like and post it in this thread and earn yourself 10 diamonds. This needs to be posted by 11:59pm HOL time on March 31st. https://i.imgur.com/1re5RDe.png
  9. This time of year has so many amazing colors, smells, food, etc. We want to know how you see this time of year. Draw what Fall time means to you. It could mean the changing of the color of the trees or leaves falling. It could be pumpkins, a patch, or cornucopia. It could mean the different foods such as a Thanksgiving feast, teas, pies, or more. if could mean the comfy clothing of scarves, boots, and blankets. Draw what fall means to you, upload the picture and post it here with at least a 50 word explanation of your drawing. You will have until November 30th 11:59pm HOL time to p
  10. I love love love, the fall colors!! This month color the picture below (with you best fall colors) and post it here in this thread for 10 diamonds! You have until November 30th 11:59pm HOL time to post!
  11. One of my favorite things about the Fall is the changing of the leaves and colors of all the different trees. For this month's craft we want to see you create a leave wreath. You will have until November 30th 11:59pm HOL time to post a picture of your craft here in this thread. Completely this craft will earn you 20 diamonds. What you'll need: Glue (regular Elmer's school glue will be fine) One paper plate (with the middle cut out) Lots of leaves collected from your yard or area (I recommend lots of different colors) Directions: Once you have gathered your leaves and have
  12. 10 Diamonds got to: Eve Roake Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
  13. Happy Huffleween!!! We have a few easy fun spooky crafts for you this month! Don't like what you see here, create your own and post it with instructions for others! Create a spooky craft for 25 diamonds! You have until October 31st, 11:59 HOL time to post your craft! Vampire Corner Bookmark Marshmallow Ghost Craft Painted Rock Ghosts Paper Pumpkins Spider Hand Craft I don't own, nor did I create the links above
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