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  1. Hi Crystal! Sorry i'm posting this late I normally use Krita,Ibis Paint X (on moblie) and Pixlr editor. They all have the same format. Choose color>bucket>click on place and done! Hope this helps!
  2. Hi guys:D! I'm back to HOL after a VERY long break (i may go away soon..)!  

  3. true though


    1. Ailee Aria

      Ailee Aria

      which post are you replying to Melon?

  4. Happy Birthday Amy! hope you have a fun one
  5. Have to start with assignments....like to finish things quickly


  6. Happy birthday Harry! lets hope you have a great birthday! (And wish you a speedy recovery Louis)
  7. Just posted another "Birthdays For The Month!" for Feb! Go check it out!

  8. hey guys! so i just got an irc client named CIRC and its showing some error can anyone help here?
  9. Any Info? Since everyone are worried about your health!
  10. After I saw the picture (I posted it in the fireplace) I feel kinda cursed-

  11. LOL I CANT- *wheezes* Help me please- Disguise names: (Left to right) Zenko, Sumiko and Inoko Picture shows Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu disguised as girls
  12. Holy Dumbledore- All the black stuff in there- WOW
  13. Hi! I just found this page so im just gonna say a few things I'm Ailee Aria from Hufflepuff (Badger cub) and I started on 5th of Jan 2022. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with Percy Jackson, the Harry Potter series and Cedric Diggory (Simp) I enjoy singing (I can sing the harry potter in 99 seconds song which is quite hard to sing) reading (bookworm ) and gaming. I've been a Harry Potter Fan since i was 8, so I've known harry potter for over 9 years! I get bored quite easily so don't be afraid to send me a text *takes muffins and butterbeer* Yum! *burps* Sorry!
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