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  1. Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful activity
  2. I can't even begin to imagine the courage it must require to go out and do their jobs every single day! They are willing to risk their health and their family's health so we can eat, buy groceries, have our trash picked-up, have our medical needs met, and all sorts of other much needed services. I'm stunned when I go to a grocery store and I see people who are unappreciative or even down right hostile. This makes no sense to me at all. Those workers are willing to risk catching a virus and passing it on to the people they love, so we can have the things we need. In my way of thinking, they are definitely heroes! I think when all of this is said and done, they should get their own national (international?) holiday, honoring their actions and bravery. Their sacrifice and willingness to risk their own health should never be forgotten.
  3. One would think, when a couple had six sons and one daughter, and those children had children, that would create one huge family, right? In the case of my grandmother, who was their one daughter, once the sons grew up, and all six fought in World War 2 (I think), one lost his life in the war, one died soon after, one married an English lady and moved out of the country, and the other three moved to Washington State and would only visit once a year. My grandmother married and had two children, a daughter, Astrid (I'm using their middle names), and a son, Albert. Astrid's oldest daughter, Anne, had two sons, both of whom moved out of state, and Anne currently has two Cocker Spaniels.. Astrid's son, Lee, who married a lady from South Korea and is currently living there, had a daughter, who is currently in medical school. Astrid's youngest daughter, Paulette, is unable to bear children, so she currently has four dogs and one cat. Meanwhile, Albert died young, but not before marrying and having two children of his own: myself, who is unable to bear children and thus has a Beagle/Shih Tzu mix and a Toy poodle. Albert's son, Frank, who is also unable to procreate, has three cats. I'm going somewhere with this. I promise. Most major holidays celebrated in America, whether it be Easter, Christmas, Halloween, July 4th etc, Frank and I bring my dogs to Paulette's house. Anne brings her two dogs. When you include spouses and companions, this usually equals seven adults, eight dogs, and one cat. It's never boring, and all of us get along wonderfully. Even the dogs don't chase the cat. Go figure. Paulette grows a huge garden every year and cans food. Many summer days are spent sitting on her covered porch, watching the dogs play and eating ripe tomatoes. That's my family.
  4. My mom has given me many gifts, not the least of which has been the gift of life. She's passed on to me a love of animals. I grew up with all sorts of various pets, and currently share my world with two dogs. Mom taught me to love reading, and hardly a day went by when I didn't see a book in her hands! I wish I could say i read as much s she does, but I do try to finish at least 3 books a month. She taught me tenacity and to work hard for what i believe in. Finally, she passed on to me her love for being outdoors. When she was younger, she loved to mow grass and kept a nice garden. I love going camping and taking nature walks.
  5. I have two main remembrances in May: Mother's Day and Memorial Day. For Mother's Day, I often think back to my great grandmother, who I was also named for (my "real world" great grandmother - as far as I know, I'm not related to anyone named February LOL). This lady had 6 sons, and, finally, a daughter, and I'm descended from the daughter. The daughter, rather than being a tomboy, went in the opposite direction and was very girly. The children were raised with some very strong family values, which included being of service to others, so when World War II broke out, all 6 sons followed the family tradition and joined the military (If our nation has fought a war, I almost always have a relative who fought). Of those 6 sons, 1 lost his life, although I'm not sure of the details. On Memorial Day, my family honors those veterans who gave their lives by visiting many of the graves and leaving flowers. We'll also visit my namesake's grave and leave flowers there as well. I usually take my mother out to dinner, but she's been unwell, and restaurants aren't permitting dining in. I'll most likely bring her a meal from a nearby restaurant she's really fond of, and then do the dishes afterwards.
  6. Thank you for the coloring fun, Tarma and Eve!
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