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  1. My best friend. He's been my best friend for 15 years. He compliments my personality in so many ways! Where I tend to be rather emotional, he's very logical and down to earth. He lives in constant physical pain, but he's grateful for every moment of life on this earth. he helps me put it all into perspective. He never looks at things the way most people do, and helps me look at things from other angles and sides I never thought of. We have the same sense of humor. We love to debate, He introduced me to Harry Potter, and wasn't at all happy when Snape became my favorite character!! oh, the deba
  2. Fussing over my brother's health Exercising to music Browsing the library Reading a good book Unraveling a good mystery Arranging flowers Riding a great ride at an amusement park Yacking with my best friend
  3. My results came up as Reassurance. I can see that. I can see that. I do tend to look at others for reminders that I'm going to survive the crazy real world time I'm living in right now! I worry too much about if I'm making the best decisions for myself and my family. I can live without most of the other things on the list. I don't have my dream job, and I am not currently in a romantic relationship. I am surprised family wasn't the second one on the list for me, but I guess that's because my family list is so small.
  4. Charms. I love Snape, but I'd be lousy at Potions. But the Patronus Charm? Cheering Charm? I'd master those
  5. My Patronus is an Occamy. My personality is an odd combination of Snake, and this quote is from my class: "Snake people often experience big changes but they are highly focused and resilient, so they resolve those issues and heal quickly" and Bird: "Speaking in general terms, although the meaning of a bird Patronus is closely tied to the species of bird, those with a bird Patronus tend to be independent and lovers of freedom. They value individuality, beauty, and self-expression. They possess an indomitable spirit and can rise above adversity." If I saw an Occamy, I think it would
  6. I'd like to do an update for Slytherin a graphic for the update a wordsearch puzzle a sudoku puzzle
  7. I have never seen a waterfall of any significant size, except in photographs and on television or in the movies. I've never really been drawn to water and don't really seek it out, to be honest, although I enjoy it when I'm around it. I don't have trips to any waterfalls on my bucket list The closest I've even been to a waterfall is when my area floods, and water is rushing over the bridge which spans our creek (some people refer to "creeks" as "brooks.") When that happens, it's due to significant rainfall and I'm concerned about our road washing out.
  8. I love lakes! In my area, we are surrounded by them. Most are natural and come with the landscape but many are man made. They are created to go along with state parks, where people can enjoy such activities as golfing, hiking, and camping. With the lakes, it depends on which part of the lake you go to, but certain areas are set aside for swimming (and include lifeguards). Other area are more secluded and you can fish. Some areas allow you to pitch a tent not too far from the water. Finally, each lake comes with a marina, and you can spend a day simply being out on the water!
  9. Thank you for all of the activities and Holiday fun, Sirius, Eve, and Wilbur! And thank you for the musical trivia, Fels! That was such great fun!
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