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  1. I love lakes! In my area, we are surrounded by them. Most are natural and come with the landscape but many are man made. They are created to go along with state parks, where people can enjoy such activities as golfing, hiking, and camping. With the lakes, it depends on which part of the lake you go to, but certain areas are set aside for swimming (and include lifeguards). Other area are more secluded and you can fish. Some areas allow you to pitch a tent not too far from the water. Finally, each lake comes with a marina, and you can spend a day simply being out on the water!
  2. Thank you for all of the activities and Holiday fun, Sirius, Eve, and Wilbur! And thank you for the musical trivia, Fels! That was such great fun!
  3. I would like to claim a house scarf for Carrie Warts 1 gift recorded!
  4. No " dreaming" of a white Christmas here - we got 6 inches of snow
  5. This year, I got to become a Prefect, and I'm loving the role! I was especially excited to get to start at the same as Emily Spencer. She's amazing and we always do our best to support each other. What surprised me the most going from Promising Student (Slytherin's version of Prefect in Training) to Prefect was the increase in questions I'd receive as a Prefect. I love being asked questions. I ask quite a few of those myself! Next year, I'm hoping more new people join HOL and love it as much as I do! 1 point and 10 diamonds to Feb!
  6. I would like to claim: Prof. Felicia Hartwick - cake (to eat during all those celebrations) Prof. Will Lestrange - Wizard Chess Set (to challenge his mind while we wait for Quidditch to return) Sirius Fudge - caramel mocha fudge (I've never tried this but it sounds delicious and hey... it's FUDGE! Surely he'll like it) 2 food and 1 gift recorded!
  7. Listing from least favorite to favorite, in terms my my personal palate: Jelly Slug Porridge Ice Mice Butterbeer Hot Chocolate Roast Beef Roast Potato Yorkshire Pudding Cauldron Cake Treacle Tart 1 point and 10 diamonds to February!
  8. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - Reindeer Emily Spencer- Baskets filled with holiday books 2 decors recorded!
  9. I'd like Giant Snow globes that you can sit in Hooting Golden Owls 2 decors recorded!
  10. If I were Wilber, I would want a vacation. Some place warm where I can relax and avoid people for a couple of days. I'd also love lots of food sent with me as a care package, wrapped up in lots of pretty cookware and packaging, because I don't cook 1 point and 10 diamonds to Feb!
  11. I'd like the turkey and the pygmy puff 1 food and 1 gift recorded!
  12. Thank you so much! Hufflepuff, the staff and activities like this always top my list of things I'm most grateful for!
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