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  1. I have decided to talk a little bit more about the food fun facts regarding North Holland. Restaurants in North Holland are very diverse, but generally there is plenty of choice. As Amsterdam is the city with the most nationalities in the world, this city is filled with ethnic restaurants. There are plenty of Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Surinamese, Mexican and Argentinian restaurants in the city, among others. It is also the best place for Dutch restaurants, as they cannot easily be found elsewhere. Try to avoid tourist traps as they are expensive, not authentic and they have a pretty bad service.
  2. I chose to talk about North Holland. Holland is known for its cheese and North Holland is no exception. Edam cheese and Beemster cheese are among the most widely known brands of cheese and a must-try. These are not only known in Holland, but are sold all over the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia. North Holland Cheese is a special kind of cheese protected by the European Union. Cheese can only bear this label if it is produced in North Holland with traditional methods and ingredients from the region. You can buy it in any supermarket in the region.
  3. Another fun fact is about the capital of the Netherlands, the beautiful Amsterdam. Amsterdam is built on more than a million wooden poles, which extend around 12 metres into the ground. The city was founded on swampy land, and the first builders drove the wooden poles into a solid sandy layer of the river floor. They also built the Royal Palace at Dam Square on 13,659 wooden poles. Even some trees in Vondelpark are held up by wooden poles to stop them from sinking into the soft ground. Nowadays, builders use concrete or steel poles in construction for better stability.
  4. The Netherlands is known as ‘the flower shop of the world’ and for good reason. They produce 80% of the world’s flower bulbs and the flower industry makes up over 5% of the Netherland’s GDP. The country accounts for nearly 90% of the world’s total area of tulip farms (around 11,000 hectares), and they produce 4.3 billion tulip bulbs annually. The flowers are also one of the Netherland’s biggest tourist attractions, with thousands of people flocking to see the beautiful fields each year. Haarlem is one of the best places to see the flowers, with many commercial fields and a Flower Parade. You can also visit Keukenhof Park, known as the ‘Garden of Europe’. It’s the largest flower garden in the world, with around 800 varieties of tulips.
  5. This is a perfect description of my favourite scene! I could never put it better in words! During the climactic battle, Hagrid attempts to come to the defence of Aragog's carnivorous children, who have been driven out of the Forbidden Forest by the Death Eaters and are now attacking both Hogwarts defenders and Death Eaters indiscriminately, but he is carried off by a swarm of them. He later turns up, captive in the Death Eaters' camp, when Harry sacrifices himself to Voldemort. Hagrid is forced to carry Harry back to the school, not realising that Harry has survived again, and en route accuses the watching Centaurs of not doing enough to help. The Centaurs soon afterward join the fray and Hagrid takes part in the second half of the battle, felling his main nemesis among the Death Eaters, the magical-creature executioner Walden Macnair.
  6. Another scene, which I have remember very well was basically the moment we got introduced to the character of Hagrid. When he appeared to Harry and aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon and Dudley. He came to them with a cake for Harry's birthday and to give him the letter from Hogwarts. Along with the now iconic line ('you're a wizard, Harry'), he gave Dudley a pig's tail. This made me like him even more. This was such an iconic scene that I love re-watching on YouTube. This scene showed that regardless of anything, Hagrid was always on Harry's side and was kind.
  7. Oh there were so many scenes in the movies with Hagrid that I really enjoyed. I think one of my favourites is definitely the whole love story with him and Madame Olympe Maxime. I think it gave Hagrid a new face in the movie and made his character more and more interesting. I believe we have learnt so much more about Hagrid just by exploring him from the way he acts when he is charmed by someone, in this case Madame Olympe Maxime. I really regret that he passed away, it is truly such a great loss of another wonderful actor.
  8. Here is another monthly coloring page! Click here for the full size pic. Post your finished drawing below for 10 diamonds.
  9. November's here! Click here for the full size pic. Post your finished drawing below for 10 diamonds.
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