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  1. Task 1: Fastlove- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHAQlFq6TFg Task 2: https://store.georgemichael.com/collections/accessories/products/faith-mug
  2. The last father figure I have is my grandad. I do not remember him well although as I grew older I have learnt more about him than back when he was alive. He used to be a soldier and he managed to quickly climb up to become a Major General. He loved army and so when he retired, he became a teacher and sort of a 'dad' to all cadets. I would not say he was like a father to me since he died when I was very young but I guess for all the young boys, who just joined the army, he was just that.
  3. My step-dad, however, he is totally from the upper class and so is my mum's perfect copy. He can be very generous and warm. He is highly ambitious, which paid off with his career as a lawyer. He is really a huge basketball fan but I honestly do not know which team he supports. He also knows how to cook. He is the one who is responsible for cooking meat each time there is Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other occasion. He makes decent cakes but he hates making them as he says they are rather messy to prepare and hates cleaning up.
  4. Oh yeah, my dad is incredible! He is French, which means I have my good looks after him. He LOVES art and is an amateur painter, but mostly an art teacher. After my parents divorced he moved back to Paris and he still lives there. What makes him super cool is definitely his background. My mum is from an upper class and so he married into a wealthy family (him being from the lower class). He could adjust to the new life easily, as well as bring some of the colours of 'normal' life to my mostly boring 'fancy' childhood. He is more of a wizard to me than Dumbledore!
  5. Oh I have totally forgot about this family! Yes, I totally agree. The last movie of the series Twilight really showed that the Cullens have some wonderful friends and family out there, who are willing to give their lives just to stand behind the family members. Although we do have to remember that this is sadly not a case with all of them. An example can be Irina, who without asking or even talking to the rest of the family, decided to report Bella and her daughter to the Volturi to have Renesmee killed for thinking she is an 'immortal child.'
  6. I always loved the Weasley family. I absolutely loved them since day one, when I first read the book. Although the movie depicted them quite interestingly and pretty well, but the books, especially when you read the whole series, show them in more details, which the movies seemed to forget about. I really enjoyed how they were really faithful to each other and they loved each other. I think my favourite 'part' of the family was definitely Molly and Arthur. They were such a great couple and really good parents. Despite not having much, they made sure their children get everything they need.
  7. Puzzle Task #1 Solve this jigsaw to earn 25 diamonds Post a screenshot of your completed jigsaw. Make sure your photo is no bigger than 600x600. Puzzle Task #2 Solve this quiz Post a screenshot of your score. Make sure your photo is no bigger than 600x600.
  8. I think most of you know who that was but if not, it's your chance to learn about one of the key artists of the 80s. George Michael (born as Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou) was borin on 25th June 1963 in East Finchley, London, UK. His father was a Greek restaurateur and his mother was a British dancer. He started his career with his school friend, Andrew Ridgeley. In 1981 they formed a due called Wham!, which became one of the biggest British duos. Their first album Fantastic reached no. 1 in the UK in 1983. The band released a few very well known songs, such as Last Christmas or Wake me up before you go-go. The duo ended in June 1986, which began his solo career. As a solo singer he has released 5 studio albums and had 5 successful tours. He sold over 80 million records, which made him one of the best-selling music artists. Sadly, he passed away on 25th December 2016 at the age of 53, with his cause of death being a heart disease.
  9. Discussion Task #1 As usual, post a link to a song by George Michael or Wham!. It can be any song Discussion Task #2 Find any piece of merch featuring George Michael. It can be anything Post the photo below (make sure its 600x600) or a link to the product.
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