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  1. Task One: Found after I discovered my Careless Whispers 'find' was already being used! Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Duet with Elton John Task Two:
  2. Hi Skylar. Thank you for the introduction of yourself to the rest of HOL Hogwarts. Yes, we've seen you around the school! The school year ends so soon now; the time has zoomed past. I hope you enjoy the summer and what activities there will be in and around HOL during that time.
  3. I was very fortunate that I have a wonderful Dad. I don't know that I'm a lot like him, in mannerisms and abilities, but I do know that in looks we are very similar. One thing I remember, of many many things, is that, when raking hay, he'd be driving the tractor and I'd be on the 'rake' machine (what took up the loose hay and tidied it into rows). I had to manually trip the lever to cause the long, curved, rake teeth to lift up from the ground and release the drying grass. It seemed we were on a similar wave length, because I'd invariably trip the lever just as he was signalling me to do so. I really liked that. He also made very great soups. I have no idea just why his homemade soups and stews were so good, but they were almost always extremely delicious and 'good feel'. I was blessed. I realize now I typed in present tense and also in past tense. I guess I still feel that he is alive, even though he's not using that body anymore. I love him.
  4. Aura Nightmoon got a #10 - 1024 - with the Malfoy family Who is next? Silvana Mandeville got a #10 - 1024 - with the Malfoyo family Followed by ... Louis Walles with a #10 - 1024 - with Batman Harry Walles with a #10 - 1024 - with Batman
  5. Aura Nightmoon is first to send in the solution to this puzzle! Who is next?
  6. Emily Spencer is first to solve this Fallen Letters puzzle. Closely following her were Louis Walles Harry Walles Aura Nightmoon Who's next? Silvana Mandeville Fels
  7. And so we return to Harry Potter and families. There are all kinds of family units within the Harry Potter stories. What about the Dursleys .... or the Gaunt family. Then there are the Weasleys, who many consider to be rather nifty! You may go for the Diamonds with either 2048 game. Try this Malfoy Family 2048? The Malfoy Family We can leave the HP universe for a bit and go exploring .... What about the Batman Family? Batman Family (I'm sorry to say that some pictures end up not going to a new one .But the ones which show up are pretty nifty!) As always - you start earning Diamonds when the number in the picture (not the SCORE in the upper left hand corner) reads 256. If you get to 256 (#8) - that is 20 Diamonds If you get to 512 (#9) - that is 25 Diamonds If you get to 1024 (#10) - that is 30 Diamonds If you get to 2048 (#11) - that is 35 Diamonds Send me a screencap of your game via Sett PM (titled Wonders - Family - 2048) by the end of June to earn your Diamonds. Please remember to tell me in your PM your 'high' score (the highest number in the picture, not the score above the picture off to the side). Sometimes that 'win' (or 'game over') thing covers up the highest score. If you continue to play and get a higher score, send it in, and I'll update the post to show your new score. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ If these are set up to do a double 2048 (4096), like what was done in the December HOLLERS 2048, there is a bonus of 30 Diamonds. REMEMBER -- TAKE A SCREEN CAP of the two 2048s next to each other before you merge them. Take a screen cap of the 4096 too, but sometimes the win thing gets covered up by advertisements.
  8. Sometimes families, and family members, can be such a source of comfort, of understanding. They are people of whom we are proud to be related, to say 'this is my Dad' or 'this is my brother'. Then there are other times (same family) ..... For direct link to puzzle, click here. For larger image, click here Solve this Cryptogram (yes, the quote taken from a favorite book of mine) and send me the solution in a Sett PM by the end of June. You will earn 30 Diamonds with the correct solution! Title your PM "Wonders - Family - Cryptogram".
  9. 'Family' is an evocative word, no matter how you look at it, or how you end up defining the word for yourself. Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, once wrote something about families ... I remembered it sort of vaguely, went and found it, and made a Fallen Letters puzzle out of it! Solve this Fallen Letters puzzle and earn 30 Diamonds! Direct link Click here for link to LARGER puzzle Send me your solution in a Sett PM by the end of June to earn your Diamonds. Title your PM "Wonders - Family - Fallen Letters".
  10. Then we have a family beloved of almost everyone here at HOL Hogwarts. Who hasn't admired the Weasley family, or at least one or more members of it? Again, solve one, or both, and earn some Diamonds! The Weasley Family - 210 pieces - 30 Diamonds Who didn't cheer when this happened? Not my daughter - 96 pieces-20 Diamonds Post your screenshot of the completed jigsaw(s) below before the end of June to earn your Diamonds. Remember that all your graphics need to be 600x600 or smaller. Be sure to include the amount of time it took you to complete the puzzle as well as the number of pieces it has.
  11. I was simply cruising through Facebook and saw this. I thought - this is perfect! I'm sharing it, and invite anyone to post similar things, or whatever you want to post as long as it is pertinent to the June theme, in here. (Please keep in mind the HOL regulations about appropriate posts. If not appropriate, I'll delete them and send Parker the Poltergeist after you ...) (Also keep in mind the 600x600 graphic size limitation.) (Thank you.) Yes, Diamonds are earned if you post! 15 Diamonds per post, no more than 45 Diamonds to be earned posting in this topic. Also, please wait for someone else to post or 24 hours, whichever comes first. You have until the end of June to post some nifty 'family' things.
  12. Most or all of us are aware of fictional families which can be found in books and/or television and/or movies. Of course there is the Addams family. You might also think of different families from books or comics. Do you have a favorite fictional family? Is it from a book, a movie? A book made into a movie? Who is it, where did you encounter them? Why are they a favorite fictional family? Who are the members of this family? If you use images in your post, please keep the size of the graphics to 600x600 or less. Earn 25 Diamonds when you reply in here. Please have at least 100 words to earn the Diamonds. If you comment on someone else's post, you may earn an additional 10 Diamonds (again, please make sure you have at least 100 words to earn the extra Diamonds). You have until the end of June to earn your Diamonds.
  13. Here are a couple of Jigsaw puzzles which feature a favorite 'fictional' family. Solve one, or both, and earn some Diamonds! The Addams Family - 117 pieces - 20 Diamonds The Addams Family - 300 pieces- 35 Diamonds Post your screenshot of the completed jigsaw(s) below before the end of June to earn your Diamonds. Remember that all your graphics need to be 600x600 or smaller. Be sure to include the amount of time it took you to complete the puzzle as well as the number of pieces it has.
  14. Where is the June Wonders? It's HERE! Yes, I get to do two Wonders in a row, and the theme for June is .... family. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and, depending on the individuals therein, might even be comprised of different species. The thing is, the word 'family' evokes a feeling, a sensation, of a kind of unity of some sort. We'll explore this in our June Wonders of the World! ****** Why choose family as the theme (you might ask)(then again you might not ask). For a few years, I've been reading a book every couple of days; I had the time and leisure to do so! As of this date, though, I'm still reading the same book I started at the beginning of May. Seems I've gone from being a person with solitary habits, not quite a hermit but well, yes, color me reading a bunch of books and enjoying being peaceful and quiet to ... enjoying greatly having a definite immediate family with quite the extended family (and their friends) and sometimes being busy from before daylight to well after dark and sometimes in the middle of the night. I am in complete awe of everyone who has families and still has energy to come to the Sett and do stuff. In the meantime, coffee is my friend!
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