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  1. Happy Birthday, Kath! I hope you have a magical and marvelous and lovely birthday.
  2. Today has the longest, or shortest (depending on where you live), hours of daylight! It's always sort of amazing to me to have nights of very short duration and a 'day' of it being light out from about 4 am to 10 pm. I just checked my sunrise and sunset times for my area: 5:11 am (sunrise) – 9:10 pm (sunset) 15 hours, 59 minutes - that the sun is up What's the times of your sunrise and sunset in your area? (Do not say where you live, just the times ...) You can use this to find out that information - click Another note! Tomorrow, June 21st, has a solar eclipse! If you watch, be SURE to use eye protection.
  3. Hi Charlie! Welcome to HOL Hogwarts and to the Sett! Plop down in a beanbag, enjoy some doughnuts ... I've seen you mentioned in an activity in the Dungeons!
  4. Hi Dani! Welcome to the Sett. Be sure to check out the Games Tent while you are here. You might like to try some of the things in there - and earn some Diamonds!
  5. Hi Cailyn Welcome to the Sett -- and see you later!
  6. Amy! Welcome to the Sett -- but you've already been busy in here, I know. You were first to send in the route through the maze!
  7. *tends to bruises acquired from being bounced off of* Thank you Eve, for having this! It was great to have prompts to remember being grateful and the things you presented were fun.
  8. Hi Celeste! So glad you have come here, visiting! What was it ..... Right! Dumbledore!
  9. Oddly enough, I was thinking of mail people and grocery store workers when I read this. Many of the professions which are named in the first post are filled by people who are aware of the risk going into it. This is not to denigrate their bravery, courage, dedication and skill, no. I have huge huge admiration and respect for those who have occupations and/or avocations which are inherently dangerous -- and needed. Then something comes along and of a sudden, there is a possible danger in just being around other people. Those who were in positions of service, but not necessarily danger, are going out every day and being brave in doing so As Will wrote, grocery stores have been consistently open. I am SO appreciative of that! When I go to the store, I make an effort to thank those who are there, stocking the shelves, checking my groceries out. The mail continues to be delivered. I am SO appreciative of that. How else would I receive all the books that I've recently purchased?
  10. Hi Carrie! Welcome to the Sett! And welcome to HOL Hogwarts. ps - *points to posts above for stuff to do here*
  11. Hi Isa! You are being very active here in HOL! I see you have posted bunches in the Jedi Apprentice activity, in the HOL Forum. Well done! Oh, and yeah -- welcome to the Sett! You've already sent me things from the Games Tent so I can't mention that here
  12. Hi Cleo! Welcome to the Sett. Please feel free to wander around and participate in the Games Tent (DoHGaS - link above someplace) and our May Activity. *~*~*~*~*~ Aidan -- I asked because of your name. A person named Aidan plays one of the Dwarves in the movies. That's great information about your doggos -- they sound quite beautiful!
  13. Hi Aidan! (Are you a fan of the The Hobbit maybe?) Welcome to HOL Hogwarts. Glad you enjoy the smell of the kitchens ... because it's so tempting, yes? What kind of doggos are Taco and Brandy?
  14. Happy Birthday, Lynx aka Agent L! I hope you have a wonderful and very magical birthday.
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