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  1. *bump* In case you have received an Award lately, and wonder what in the world it means!
  2. Professor Will Lestrange has sent in the solution to this Cryptogram! Who is next? Mia Fountain just sent hers in too! Followed by .... Carrie Warts Sirius Fudge Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Emily Spencer
  3. We are celebrating out own wonders of the world and, as written in Week 2, they can be found anywhere and everywhere. Want some more Diamonds to add to your stash? Solve this Cryptogram! For direct link to puzzle - click. Send me your solution via Sett PM (titled Wonders of the World - Cryptogram) by the end of September and earn 25 Diamonds. You have until September 30th to send me your answer!
  4. I wish to address something which Astor wrote -- about 'home' being a wonder. I feel so lucky (?)(is that the word?) to have been posted here where the strait is but 10-15 minutes drive away, I can see mountains and am surrounded by verdant and abundant plant life of all kinds. Here, too, I have my 4-legged friends, who are always a source of quiet and peace (except when they're not ) and I just feel privileged to live in a beautiful place. Amy, your post reminded me of another wonder, which I absolutely loved when I was a kid. Another aunt and uncle had a house/cabin/cabins up
  5. Oddly enough, my own wonder of the world goes to the beach too. In a little town close to Santa Cruz, California, my uncle and aunt had a vacation cottage which he had built. From the front window one could see the ocean. It was a short (1/4 mile) walk to wind down the road and then down the cliff and get to the beach. Truly magnificent, the times of sunny days were just as great as times of storms. We'd often go to other places by the ocean, to go clamming and/or fishing -- I just love being by the ocean. A favorite place that I go to now is, again, by salt water -- albeit not the ocea
  6. We know the famous "Seven Wonder of the World", both the new 7 Wonders (Mount Everest, Harbour of Rio de Janeiro, Great Barrier Reef, Victoria Falls, Paricutin Volcano, Grand Canyon and the Aurora Borealis) and the original 7 Wonders (The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria). For a discussion we do "Where is your own wonder.. the place you love to go... " Tell us why it is so wonderful for you. Writ
  7. Diamond Count - through August 2020 Listed will be first the Activities, with their different colors. Then will be the names of the persons, Diamonds to date, New Diamonds earned - New Diamond Total Activities DoHGaS August Challenge #1 - Cryptogram DoHGaS August Challenge #2 - Hitori DoHGaS August Challenge #3 - Daisies DoHGaS August Challenge Master Diamonds August Jigsaw #O- Badger Library DoHGaS August Challenge #4 - Fallen Letters August Library Jigsaw #P August Kitchen Favorite Summertime foods or Recipes August Kitche
  8. What a gorgeous person, Fels. I'm glad you got to know Pinot.
  9. Wow, barely is the puzzle posted and someone has sent it in! Astor (Ashton) Arensin - with a time of 13:24 Who's next? Harry Walles with a time of 14:23 Followed by .... Louis Walles with a time of 17:11 Carrie Warts with a time of 19:28 Pezzie Wolfe with a time of 27:00 Professor Will Lestrange with a time of 15:07 Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis with a time of 14:11 Fumei Spookie with a time of 13:12 Sebastien Crowley with a time of 10:36 Amy Darvill with a time of 16:39 Mia Fountain with a tim
  10. The original Seven Wonders of the World are incredible, as are ones newly chosen. Here's a puzzle featuring a picture of one of the Seven Wonders. Solve this Jigsaw and earn Diamonds! A modern Wonder of the World - the Grand Canyon Send me the picture of the finished picture (with number of pieces and time included in the screencap) via Sett PM (titled Wonders of the World - Jigsaw) by the end of September and earn 25 Diamonds. You have until September 30th to send me your scores! I will send Beans to the 3 people who have the fa
  11. Do you have any questions about Wonders of the World? Ask here! If you don't want to ask, just send me a Sett PM, titled "Wonders Question", and I can answer there (and then post the question and answer in here but leave who asked anonymous -- who knows but someone else might have the same question )
  12. Welcome to Wonders of the World. Starting in September, every month we will bring you activities which focus on 'all things bright and beautiful' -- many of the wonders of our world, both natural and man-made. The theme, either a specific area or a physical feature of the planet, will change from month to month and activities will be varied, from written items (like creating a bucket list) to jigsaws to travel brochures to puzzles. Specifics of activities will range from focusing on animals and plants which live in our 'themed place' to describing if th
  13. February -- thank you for the photos! Both Deacon and Sherman are adorable. (I laughed when I saw Sherman's picture -- SO CUTE.)
  14. .... May the odds be ever in your favour! Actually, to both of you! Well done and I'm very glad for you and for Hufflepuff.
  15. Hi Zoe! Oh, look at you, already flying on a broom! Welcome to HOL Hogwarts and welcome to the Sett. As for Quidditch, there are some broom games going on in the HOL Forum. Check this out click.
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