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  1. https://imgur.com/a/94aCArb Some great movies
  2. April Showers.... are bringing flowers in my garden today!
  3. My quiz result said I could not live without my job. I have to say I agree with it. I LOVE what I do... even on the days I come home wanting to open a bottle of wine because the kids drove me nuts that day. Teaching 56 students this year has been quite challenging to say the least but they all hold a place in my heart. I love the people who I work with, we make a good team. Each one of us has a different way of teaching but we all help each other when ever we can. What's hard at this time is trying to decide if I retire next year. Yes, I would love to be home to do some traveling w
  4. I'm waiting for my ink for the printer to come in before I give it a try. *watches her Amazon account tracking*
  5. "It's sooooooo good to be back." Felicia whispered as she sank into her comfy yellow lounge chair into the corner of her room. The suitcases that Wilbur had brought up earlier remained unpacked since she just didn't have the energy to put every thing away... with magic or not. She had just returned from a trip back from the states to take care of a bit of business at her father's potion factory. Not the factory itself but for the employees of the factory. It had been a rough year over there, just like every where else. It was the Muggle families she was helping out. The factory emp
  6. My favorite core subject is Potions. Yes, Snape was always my favorite character, but that really has nothing to do with it. The main reason my favorite core subject is Potions, is because it's the closest thing to cooking. I love to cook! Some people like to bake, for me it's cooking. I'll cook for any occasion, it could be anything, soups, stews, every day dinners, Sunday dinners or huge holiday feasts. I love to get a new cookbook and try new recipes, though for holidays it's mostly tried and true recipes that make it to the dinner table. It's the aroma of something simmering on the stove
  7. This past Sunday, the hubby was off with the "GOB" (that's a group of his friends who dubbed themselves The Good Old Boys) to go fishing, so I took the opportunity to have a MCU playlist. He enjoys the movies, but not one to sit through them back to back.... like me. So I popped Captain America in and started the show. The reason for liking them so much... I'm a huge fan of Iron Man/Tony Stark. Yes, he is the Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist he claims to be... but I love the snarky remarks he makes. After all these years I still laugh at them. I mean in The Avengers, when he's pro
  8. Welcome to the Sett, Hannah. I was thrilled to see you taking part of out Creature Trivia game. Keep an eye open for all the fun things Hufflepuff has to offer.
  9. We had a birthday?! I hope you had a wonderful day, Jessica!
  10. Oh, it's been many, many , many years since my RL school days! I will admit I was not the best of students, but I did manage to pass all my classes... I did graduate! The class I enjoyed most was Art. Let me have a pencil for drawing, a crayon or colored pencils for coloring, clay, or paints, I was in my glory. Even as far back as 3rd grade my teacher wrote on my report card (yes back in those days they WROTE report cards out) "I believe she will always be doing something creative in life". I guess she was right because I still love to color, creating costumes for my kids, doing needlepoint, c
  11. Luna Lovegood + Vincent Crabbe - Harry Potter 10 Hermione Granger 11 Draco Malfoy 12 Fred Weasley 12 George Weasley 10 Lord Voldemort 4 Fleur Delacourt 10 Cedric Diggory 11 Severus Snape 12 Bellatrix Lestrange 4 Seamus Finnigan 11 Rubeus Hagrid 11 Albus Dumbledore 10 Luna Lovegood 12 Neville Longbottom 11 Sirius Black 11 Ginny Weasley 10 Vincent Crabbe 7 Lavender Brown 10 MadEye Moody 11
  12. The answer to Question 20, our last question is: 2-24-1897 Those sending in the correct answer were: Silvana Mandeville Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Lorainia Riverrider Harry Walles Louis Walles Amy Darville Emily Spencer Hannah Lovergood Scarlett Lee Maeve Madden Aurelia West Iverian Gnash Thank you all for playing along with Creature Scavenger Hunt Trivia.
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