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  1. It's time to move onto a new movie. It's not quite new, in fact, it's quite old. This movie was first released in 1949. Disney made this film from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Sleepy Hollow is a real place in Westchester, N.Y. and this time of year as you can imagine is their busy time of year. This is a picture I took when my hubby and I walked around the Sleepy Hollow cemetery. For large image, click here. If you know the story, the Headless Horseman is said to ride over this bridge after Ichabod Crane. And that's wha
  2. And the first one to send in the answer: Prof. Will Lestrange Lorainia Riverrider Sirius Fudge Mia Fountain Carrie Warts Harry Walles Louis Walles
  3. We end our Addams Family activities tonight with a cryptogram. I would say more, but anything I want to type will give it away. direct link -click Once you figure out the answer send me your answer in a Sett PM by November 2nd to earn 25 Diamonds. Title your PM "Huffleween - Cryptogram".
  4. Wow, that didn't take long to get submissions. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Mia Fountain Will Lestrange Amy Smith Lorainia Riverrider Harry Walles Louis Walles Sirius Fudge Carrie Warts Amy Darvill
  5. Day 2 of Huffleween Today we give you a word search featuring the names of some of the characters and actors who starred in the television show back in the 60's. Become acquainted with the Addams Family with this Word Search. Click for direct image Click here for larger image Find the names in the Wordsearch and send me your answer in a Sett PM by November 2nd to earn 25 Diamonds. Title your PM "Huffleween - Wordsearch".
  6. Welcome to Huffleween! If you have been watching the tellyvision this month, you have noticed many Halloween movies. Some are scary, some are mysterious and some are light hearted. For Huffleween this year we’re presenting some of the more light hearted movies. During the next 13 days we will post different activities for your to solve, put together or color from 3 of my favorite Halloween movies and 1 classic Halloween special. The first activities will be about my favorite Halloween movie… The Addams Family. I’ve loved that family ever since I watching the tv show so
  7. Huffleween - Any Questions? Do you have any questions about Huffleween? Ask here - or send me a Sett PM - and we'll answer them.
  8. Welcome to the Sett and to Huffleween! We will be filling these final 13 days of October with items of terror, mirth and horror. All of HOL Hogwarts is invited to attend. gif shows Morticia Addams smiling (at Gomez who is off camera) and snipping a rose stem so the bloom falls off Be sure to click to follow The Pumpkin Patch (see right side of page here) so that when new activities show up, you are aware of it and can zoom in on your broomstick and play! We are focusing on different aspects of the season -- hopefully you will encounte
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