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  1. Thank you Rose. I had a great day and my two Daughters and 3 Grandchildren came with my presents which made me happy. You obviously know of my "sweet tooth" One of my Daughters bought me a big box of Cadbury's milk tray, but I have resisted temptation so far.
  2. Thank you Fels, I did have a fabulous day and I got some lovely presents
  3. Hello Friar, nice to meet you at last. I have something to tell you, I didnt do any assignments last term at all. Mostly because I always leave everything to the last minute and I found myself doing them the day they were due! But it was even more stressful when I had to find word searches and do them, I usually started them about 3 days before they were due, and of course there were always one or two words I couldn't find at the time, but mostly I managed to finish them in time for the "deadline". But I will definitely do them next term. The only thing is I started HOL in 2003 so I have done a lot of assignments already, and its difficult to find the subjects that I havent done. I have been reading back and it sounded like you all had a great time in the HOLidays, I'm sorry I missed it, but I was busy with family and getting ready for Christmas, but I will definitely help next time. Well I will come and talk to you again, Marianne is right you are incredibly friendly 10 diamonds to Asky!
  4. Welcome to the Sett, Setima I'm pleased you like blueberry muffins because I have just baked another load and put them in the pantry to cool down. Fetches a couple on a plate, "here you are fresh out the oven, be careful they might still be hot". Gives a bottle of Butter Beer to wash them down with. I hope you enjoy yourself exploring HOL and come back whenever you like, we love having visitors Asky.
  5. Welcome to the Sett Harry. Gives Butterbeer and Blueberry muffins
  6. Hi Humptony, Welcome to Hol and The Sett Gives Butterbeer and blueberry muffins.
  7. Welcome to the Fireside in our Common room come and chat around the fire. This is the place to introduce yourself tell us what House and year you are in, and a little bit about yourself I will leave snacks for you to eat while you chat, because chatting makes you hungry Leaves blueberry muffins still warm from the oven and butterbeer on the table.
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