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  1. Sett Messenger Options If you haven't poked around the messenger, it's got some really neat upgrades from the previous Sett. For starters, messages don't exist solely on their own; they're part of conversations. Much like a forum thread or even Gmail's threaded emails, you can see everything that's been said in reply to the original message. This means that quoting isn't strictly necessary, but you can, of course, quote to your heart's content. Also, you can send the same message to multiple people (the number is determined by your user group). There are two options for
  2. Spell-check in Firefox If you use Firefox with the full-featured, WYSIWYG post box, you may have found that spell-checking doesn't work. If you can type out a nice keysmash or some gibberish and still get no red squiggles beneath them, here's how to fix it. Click inside the posting area of the WYSIWYG editor and start typing, then right-click in the middle of a word or something and look for an option that says "Check Spelling"; this should be checked. Now, beneath that should be a fly-out menu called "Languages". Make sure that English is selected, and once it is, you should have your spell
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