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  1. When I first read about Snape, I thought that he was kind of mean but as the story progressed, I began to like him more and more. I liked him so much that I was sad when Snape died his terrible death. I liked how he was in Slytherin. I liked how he was friends with Draco. I liked that he didn't like Harry. I didn't like how mean he was in the potions classes. I felt bad for him when he was picked up by James and tipped upside down. I felt bad that Lily could never forgive him.
  2. Harry is a mastiff. Louis & Harry are French bulldogs. Ivy is a pug.
  3. I do not have a dog but if I did, it might be a French bulldog, a pug, or a mastiff. French bulldogs are adorable and have adorable straight-up ears. Pugs have adorable scrunchy faces and make me smile. Mastiffs are really cute and they got featured in Harry Potter. I would name my pug Mia or Max or Sofia or Maxim. I would name a mastiff Rosie or Zach or Banana Muffin or Mud Splatter. I would name a French bulldog Harry or Cutie Pie or Louis or Amy. I love gray French bulldogs. I love brown mastiffs and I like black and tan pugs.
  4. I don't have a cat but one of my friends has a cat and I made her cat a toy. The cat's name is Goose. The cat toy was a wooden pole with a string attached to it and then a pompom ball that I made. Goose really liked it. Goose played with it by himself. It was really cute!
  5. The cat fact that I learned was very bizarre. I learned that if a cat jumps across a grave, the person will rise again as a vampire. This superstition comes from Southern Europe. This sounds very unbelievable in my opinion. Another cat fact that I learned was when people in Indonesia want it to rain, they pour water over a cat. I don't think that works. I think you get an angry cat! Another interesting cat fact that has to do with this month is any kitten that is born in May will be troublesome. I think that it might be true.
  6. Happy birthday Maeve Madden!

    1. Maeve Madden

      Maeve Madden

      Thank you Hannah! 

  7. I've never been to a zoo or a safari trip. I don't know whether they help animals. I think the people who make animals extinct should be launched into space.
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