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  1. Thank you everyone and Aliee, getting retested this week I hope I'm over this!
  2. Hey everyone! Pezzie checking in from a safe distance. I've been sick during most of the holidays. Right now, I've been recovering from "Cofid" thing. I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still out here and thinking of the stuff I've missed. Here's hoping I get better soon.
  3. When I clicked on the September Coloring page, images that might be not HOL Safe appeared. I know it wasn't bad. But it's a concern. like what if other images appear other than health or girls in a backseat - clothed yes. Can I screenshot what I saw and privately share with you?
  4. When is comes to coloring pages, etc. My concern is going to an outside of HOL link. What if not so nice things show up on that webpage? Would it be best to save images and host them on places such as imgur, photobucket, flickr, etc?
  5. oooo! Fun! If you want ideas let me know. I am like a crafter in RL and I love crafting and everything. You'll be great!
  6. I want to do homework...what is wrong with this Badger? *laughs*

    1. Prof. Felicia Hartwick

      Prof. Felicia Hartwick

      Nothing! We need all Badgers to do homework.. we need that House Cup back!

    2. Harry Walles

      Harry Walles

      I feel you Pezzie! Can't wait for the school year to start!!

    3. Pezzie Wolfe

      Pezzie Wolfe

      We need that house cup back!! Let's GO BADGERS!!

  7. Wow, 20 years of HOL and the classes always are exciting to see what is new. Speaking of which, any idea of what classes will be available this Fall? I'm just so excited to see the list!
  8. I spent my summer in the muggle world fighting off nasty bed bugs!! At least it's almost done, new beds, new bed frames and a lot less nasty bugs. Shiver! I sprained my left ankle and hurt my left leg. So I haven't been swimming. Sad face. Now that a lot of the muggle world home is better, time to come home to Hufflepuff. It's so nice to come back to a place with no bed bugs, just the spiders that talk to us, Diva's bug treats and a cozy dorm with wonderful friends. I am so looking forward to classes and fun!
  9. Thank you both. It's so good to be back. Thank you for the tea and biscuit. Much needed! So, what fun shall be had?
  10. Hi Sett! I'm excited to start a new year. I'm relieved that I don't have the prefect job. Seriously, I am. I am still a hardworking, dedicated Badger but I can be more mischievous active :P


  11. Greetings everyone! I'm on my way back after months in the muggle worle d, Not only has my health been an issue again, but my home was infested with nasty bed bugs. So between those bugs, getting treatment, having to pretty much find help to get my bed and my mom's bed removed, it's been physically hard on myself and my mom. I've had stressful days, busy days, exhausted days. All I kept thinking about was I want back at HOL and The Sett. I'm looking forward to a new magical year at HOL. Now I don't really mind still being a 4th year. I will keep at it as a true Hufflepuff would. I've missed you all!
  12. Sorry that RL has kept me away. I've had a lot of doctor appointments and such for my health. I'll come play this weekend.

    1. Askeron Kyle

      Askeron Kyle

      Hope you feel better soon Pezzie :)


    2. Prof. Felicia Hartwick

      Prof. Felicia Hartwick

      Sorry to hear about you health, but drop by when you can.


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