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  1. Oh thank goodness I made that out...I love not only the tv show but the books I must go listen now...
  2. Why just 10 days? I'm waiting on my new glasses. My eyesight is not doing well at all. I am trying to read what I am typing only it's a bit blurry. More so than it has been. It's causing headaches if I try too hard. Once I get them (my new glasses, I'll try them and hopefully I can then read better and see better) *huggles*
  3. What classes did you all sign up for? Myself-- Ancient Runes Arithmancy The History of Witchcraft
  4. I'm so excited I can't wait to get into my homework. I've decided on a Full Year class and two one term classes. That way it won't be so much for me to do. RL for me can be health crazy. But nothing can keep me from the Sett and HOL
  5. So, first off welcome to any new, first year students wheather you are a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin or Ravenclaw. You will love HOL! I'm getting excited to see what classes will be offered. Some good return ones and hopefully new ones. The magic of taking classes is fun but getting to know others is the real magic. Making long time pals/friends that last a long time. What are you looking for to this new term?
  6. No home. I really don't think I can handle being homeless. Riddokulus I cast so I can see a nice home with friends.
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