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  1. Forgive me. This past week has been hard. My mom and I put out doggy, Penny down to rest. She was 15. It's been a hard week. We miss her so much.

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    2. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
    3. Carrie Warts

      Carrie Warts

      I send you lots of hugs and my thought are with you, your family and Penny <3

    4. Pezzie Wolfe

      Pezzie Wolfe

      Thank you for the kind words. I have some catching up to do around here and HOL. I feel so bad that I got depressed more. My RL my mental health is depression/anxiety. Guess it triggered a depression. I feel so bad, embarassed, etc. I have HOL HW to turn in. Badger things to do. Forgive me my Hufflepuffs. I'm slowly getting back into everything. HUGS and sending out Love.

  2. Why must I have that muggle song 'Chicken Wing' in my head? I need New Kids.

  3. Have not been around due to RL headaches...not fun.

    1. Sirius Fudge

      Sirius Fudge

      Awww :( Hope you're better now. :)

    2. Pezzie Wolfe

      Pezzie Wolfe

      Still dealing with them. It's gotta be allergy related.


  4. Gimp is a good program. It is a free graphic program through open software. Safe to use. My tech wizard brother checked it out.
  5. Welcome Badgers to a new term! I know the world is a bit distorted but here we are going to have some creative fun. What better way than with a fun page to color. Use whatever means you would like to color this. If you feel you want to add to this, go for it! It is your coloring page, make it amazing! You can earn 10 diamonds once you are done. Have fun!
  6. I hear ya. I've just signed up for 3 classes. Keep it down, cause I want to be hopping around having fun and helping out here.
  7. Thank you it is an honor. I'm looking forward to helping you all out! HUFFLEHUGS! I will try to keep the cornish pixies at bay...I swear it wasn't my doing that one time...*innocent look*
  8. I completely understand. I hope there's an arithmancy class. I liked it one year.
  9. Teaching? What will you be teaching? How exciting!
  10. So a new term is starting soon...I'm very excited myself. I am looking forward to classes, running about with others. My goal and I hope this happens...is to graduate from fourth year. Do you have any goals? What are you most excited for?
  11. Congrats Badgers! We really do work hard! *HUFFLEHUGS*
  12. I missed my Huflepuff birthday...May 19th is my birthday too. Hope you had a fund Birthday too Kaitlyn!
  13. I'm back my Badgers! My old laptop died. My brother rebuilt his MacBook Pro for me! I missed you all! Gotta do 4th year again. :D

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Welcome back, Pezzie!

    2. Pezzie Wolfe

      Pezzie Wolfe

      Thank you Tarma!

  14. It's October!! That means it's Huffleween time! Made especially for Huffleween I drew up this cute badger with a pumpkin and cute ghosts flying about! 10 diamond for coloring it by 10/31/19 Click Here or the image for the bigger image to color! Artists who have colored: Prof. Tarma A. Black
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