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  1. Why must I have that muggle song 'Chicken Wing' in my head? I need New Kids.

  2. Have not been around due to RL headaches...not fun.

    1. Sirius Fudge

      Sirius Fudge

      Awww :( Hope you're better now. :)

    2. Pezzie Wolfe

      Pezzie Wolfe

      Still dealing with them. It's gotta be allergy related.


  3. I hear ya. I've just signed up for 3 classes. Keep it down, cause I want to be hopping around having fun and helping out here.
  4. Thank you it is an honor. I'm looking forward to helping you all out! HUFFLEHUGS! I will try to keep the cornish pixies at bay...I swear it wasn't my doing that one time...*innocent look*
  5. I completely understand. I hope there's an arithmancy class. I liked it one year.
  6. Teaching? What will you be teaching? How exciting!
  7. So a new term is starting soon...I'm very excited myself. I am looking forward to classes, running about with others. My goal and I hope this happens...is to graduate from fourth year. Do you have any goals? What are you most excited for?
  8. Congrats Badgers! We really do work hard! *HUFFLEHUGS*
  9. I missed my Huflepuff birthday...May 19th is my birthday too. Hope you had a fund Birthday too Kaitlyn!
  10. I'm back my Badgers! My old laptop died. My brother rebuilt his MacBook Pro for me! I missed you all! Gotta do 4th year again. :D

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Welcome back, Pezzie!

    2. Pezzie Wolfe

      Pezzie Wolfe

      Thank you Tarma!

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