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  1. Wow these images were all amazing! Thank you for your participation. @Meredith: Sorry I didn't really think about the south hemisphere and that there is no autumn right now But Spring is as well a battle of elements 20 diamonds and 2 graphic points go to: Leonie Munslow Meredith Malkins Alex Sparks
  2. Hello everyone, I am a bit late as well, sorry! November is the month of Thanksgiving and we should all stop and think about what we are thankful for. We often forget that we are often so lucky and have so much even if it sometimes does not seem like it. So let's create some graphic, draw a picture, take a photo, craft something, you have the choice how to express! Please include a line in your picture like "I am thankful for ..." or if you thank a person "thank you, [persons name]" (these are just examples, you can do your own line ) As everyone has different ideas in mind for
  3. Wow, these are two amazing pictures, Meredith and Alex! Thank you for participating and sharing this with us
  4. Hello everyone, it's me again. However, today I don't really want to make a new activity, but I actually wanted to share this awesome challenge with you: the Inktober. It is a challenge which aim it is that you make an ink drawing every day during October. I know it comes a little late, but maybe you are interested in doing it (either with sharing (#inktober) or just for yourself If you like you can share your work with us in this thread (though as there might be more than one graphic I ask you to only provide links to your image-hosting site (or one link to your album with inktober
  5. Awesome work, Leonie! I see we got a new creative badger around! Welcome and I am glad that you enjoyed our first topic
  6. Hello, if you are having trouble understanding a challenge or how to make a graphic or where to upload it, post it here
  7. Hello fellow Badgers and happy October! The graphics club is back in business and we start right away with our new Creative activity. As you know October is the month of Huffleween, a spooky time of the year. Autumn has started and there are colorful trees everywhere. However, we already have a banner contest for Huffleween, as well as several autumn activites (at least around HOL), so I'd like to use a different topic than that for the month of October. And here it is: Encounter of the Elements! For me October is somehow a month where the four 'elements' fire, water, air and earth
  8. Hello fellow Badgers! Welcome to a new year at the Sett. This year the graphics club is back (again) and with a few changes. First of all let me introduce the new people in charge of the graphics club: Prof. Zoki Phantom and me, Lamia Brickley! We are here to give you new ideas and opportunities for being creative. Our Badger Graphics Club started in 2011 and has been run by different engaged people in the since then. And even though there have been times with little activty, it survived until now. Let's let it stay alive more years to come! The basic concept of having 2 activi
  9. Hello fellow badgers! If you are feeling creative and just created some piece of art but there was no competition for which you did so, you can show it to other badgers in here, if you like. Happy creating
  10. Hello everyone, the year has almost passed and I thought to finally post a Graphic Points list Prof. Tarma Amelia Black ~ 12 Graphic Points ~ Junior Artist Prof. Zoki Phantom ~ 10 Graphic Points ~ Junior Artist Valandra Neteru ~ 4 Graphic Points ~ New Artist Lamia Brickley ~ 3 Graphic Points ~ New Artist Lilly Anderson ~ 2 Graphic Points ~ New Artist Meredith Malkins ~ 1 Graphic Point ~ New Artist Sirius Fudge ~ 1 Graphic Point ~ New Artist I will update the list until the start of the next term. There will be two more months left, making a total of 6 Graphic Points. Stay tuned for an
  11. I think this can be archieved now.. as it is quite old ^^
  12. Second due date has passed Zoki Phantom and Tarma Amelia Black earn both 10 diamonds and 1 graphic point each. Well done
  13. Ok, second due date has passed. Tarma Amelia Black has earned 20 diamonds and 2 graphic points.
  14. Great job Tarma Update: As I extended the deadline from the coloring pages, I want to be consistent and do the same thing here. You have until the 14th of June to submit your Mandala
  15. Update: As I promised Tarma to use her Mandala which is better to use with paint than the one I posted, but then totally forgot about it, I'll extend the due date until the 14th of June. Here is the alternate coloring page: @Zoki: Wow Your coloring is very nice
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