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  1. Like others in this month’s thread, I didn’t grow up with a father and have no idea who or where he might be (both of my biological parents actually, since I am adopted). While I had a great upbringing from my mom, she never married so I never had anyone to call a father. Sooo for this post, I’ll probably talk about one of my uncles! My mom’s youngest brother, he was our go to for last minute babysitting and even travelled internationally with us when we adopted my younger sister. He is somewhat strict but very caring, and taught me important life lessons and how to behave. We aren’t as close now that I’m older and have moved away, but I would still consider him the closest to a father figure I have.
  2. I don't personally have a favorite Christmas movie, but we've just finished watching the Polar Express and the Nightmare Before Christmas, two of my sister's favorite Christmas films. As a family we didn't used to watch as many movies when we were young, but now we're really into spending family time together watching them. I anticipate that when I come back later this week we'll watch some more. As a dancer, I usually end up either in or watching a production of the Nutcracker during this season, and this year was no exception. I helped the studio I teach at with their production and ran music for all four shows, plus I saw a show one of my friends was in which had a fun twist to the usual Nutcracker story. I'm sure I will see many more versions over the years; it never quite feels like the holiday season without it.
  3. That is so fun, Tarma! It truly sounds like a wonderful Christmas! If I were to pinpoint, which is difficult for me since my memory is not the greatest when it comes to timelines and events, one year I got this beautiful light up bag to hold my ice skates when I went to the ice rink. It was a hit among 10 year olds at the time, its wheels lit up, and you could sit on the top of it to put your skates on. My favorite color at the time was pink, so it had a pink frame with an all pink pattern as well as little rhinestones. Though I no longer ice skate as often as I did then, we've just given it away to a friend and it will have a new life as a bowling ball bag! Since it has wheels, I'm sure it will be nice for transporting heavy bowling balls.
  4. Growing up, I always went to church on Christmas Eve, and as I got older I was even able to participate as one of the candle lighters that contributed to the service. I loved planning out my movements, lighting the candles, and walking out with my own little candle following the service. My family never decorated a whole lot; we had our tree with lovely ornaments, a couple buildings depicting a winter town, and a small advent tree to count down the days. Because of this, I used to really associate the candle lighting with the holiday. Now that my sister and I have grown up and moved out, we've been changing up our holiday routines. Now we like spending the day watching movies and spending time together along with eating some tasty food. We're still big fans of advent calendars though, especially the ones involving chocolate!
  5. I grew up with an artificial tree and have never had the experience of cutting down one, but after reading both Tarma and Kendra's posts I would love to one day have that experience. Typically my trees growing up held mainly handmade ornaments that my sister and I made in school along with ones we'd been gifted by friends and family. My mom's friends from college used to meet up for an annual white elephant ornament exchange so many of those graced our tree. It was nice to pick out lovely ornaments for other folks as well. Nowadays I don't have a tree, but I like to think that's solely because my house is much too small for one. Once my partner and I move into some place a bit bigger, I'd love to have reason to decorate for various holidays.
  6. One of the first robots I recall meeting via film screen is Wall-E. The Disney film featuring him came out when I was just around the right age to see it in theatres, and I loved how even without words I could always tell what he was thinking and feeling. His catchphrase is still fun to attempt to mimic to this day, though I won't pretend to be any good at impressions.
  7. I very much enjoy participating in Huffleween when I can! Running around the sett is always lots of fun. Like Louis, I’m also a fan of jigsaws, but I also love fallen letters, cryptograms, and word searches.
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