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  1. Unlike the others that have posted, I have seen the movie! There were definitely some shocking twists that I did not expect to happen (I try to stay away from any kind of spoilers, as to see it from a fresh mind, plus the Sett is having issues with posting with spoilers right now). It was very difficult reading your posts knowing that I had seen the latest movie, and couldn't respond to your posts without giving away anything. While deciding what to post for this, without having my entire post be all spoilers, I decided to focus on what I love about the series! I love the bond between Jacob and Newt, Jacob and Queenie and Newt and Tina, and we get to see more of them in this installment. We get to meet some new creatures, and there were several new ones that I loved in addition to my favorites from the previous two installments, the Bowtruckle and the Niffler. When I first found out that the movie was releasing a day earlier in my area, I got right on and reserved seats for my family and I to see it! They even have luxury recliner seats in my local theatre now, so we got to see it with all the relaxation of home! This was such a good first movie to see back in theatres (as the last movie I had seen in theatres was in December of 2019). When the movie was over, people in the theatre applauded! Highly recommend this movie to EVERYONE. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! P.S. TARMA, watch this movie, so I can talk to you about this! P.S.S. Tomorrow, I finally get to see The Cursed Child perform after a two year delay!!!!!
  2. Are you able to show me what you are seeing? Screenshot? I might be able to help.
  3. That is awesome!!! Score one for Tarma's librarian!!
  4. Thank you Tarma for the wonderful birthday wishes here and in the forums! I had a wonderful day!
  5. I have seen Alan Rickman in several movies. A couple of my favorites include Die Hard and Alice In Wonderland. The first Die Hard movie portrays Alan Rickman as one of the lead protagonists and main bad guy. Die Hard is a great, non-traditional, Christmas movie. In Alice In Wonderland, Rickman played a gorgeous, spectacular caterpillar. Both of these movies are great examples of Alan Rickman's range of abilities when it comes to acting. He is very likable and very despised all at the same time. After reading some of the other posts, I look most forward to watching Dogma. I have seen that movie once before, but I did not realize that Rickman was in that movie. Thank you Fels for that recommendation.
  6. I first encountered Professor Snape when I first read the first Harry Potter book. I definitely did not like him when I first encountered him. He seemed like a bully and a person who played favoritism. I did not like the way he treated Harry Potter and his friends. I especially did not like the way he turned his head at behaviors of his own house, but overly punished people outside of his own house for people doing the right thing. During the last Harry Potter book release party, Borders had us wear pins that showed whether we thought Snape was a good guy or a bad guy. I chose the pin that said bad guy. I have always thought that he was a bad guy.
  7. Fels, do you want the real reason or the.... well the real reason is too good to pass up. I stood up, took two steps, and my foot gave way and I fell. Nothing else injured with the exception of my ego, because I had students in class when it happened.
  8. ....... Yes you did get the glare. I am fabulously coordinated aren't I.
  9. Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!!!! I hope you have a phenomenal 21st birthday!!!!
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