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    Reading books , going out in adventurous and food feasts !

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  1. Good! I'm literary starving right now, so I think I'll have a blueberry muffin ( Sorry Lo! ). Anyway great to see you two around here !
  2. Wow, your common room gives me Christmas spirits :D. I love it in here !!!

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
    2. Prof. Felicia Hartwick

      Prof. Felicia Hartwick

      welcome to Christmas at the Sett Lora

  3. Hello Mae ! Welcome to the Sett, - you'll find here really comfy . I love it in here .
  4. Hello Emily ! And welcome to the Sett ! Nice to see you around here
  5. Hey Adaleine ! Thanks for the butterbeer ( takes a big gulp ). The sett is simply amazing
  6. Hello Everyone , I am new to your common room . I'm Lora Wallabenger, a first year. Hello Romilda !!! Nice to meet everyone
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