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  2. Task 1: Careless Whispers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izGwDsrQ1eQ Task 2:
  3. Are there any other people who I can call 'father' in my life? Hm...not really. Although, I really like my father-in-law, well Harry's biological father. He is a really cool guy, and as Hazz said he is from the lower class. This is one of the reasons why I like him the most. I am also from a lower class and I married a person from the upper class, just like he did ages ago. This makes him understand me better and he is so nice and fair with me. He is super supportive of me and cares about me. Most importantly, he is a great dad to Harry and lovely grandfather to our children, which is the most important to me in general.
  4. I could say the same thing. My biological father left my mum when she was pregnant, which makes him kind of *a word I can't say due to the HOL rules, let's keep it family friendly here!*. As a child I used to ask a lot because there were never any photos of him. Apparently I am more like him visually - green eyes, long wavy brown hair. He also liked music and was in a band, just like me. Additionally, which is funny to me, is the fact he was American! That makes me half American - what a funny world.
  5. Well I am going to really have a deep think about this one since I am completely missing on this one. I don't have actual parents since I am an orphan. The only foster guardian, which I admit is worth celebrating is my step-mum. She is a nice person (well most of the time) and she always makes sure I have enough to eat (which is not really needed since my husband is amazing at that already. I mean...I am a bit 'chubby') and she always remembers about my birthday. She tries her best to adjust to being a foster parent of an old man (haha)!
  6. Oh I agree, I have really liked them too! They were so incredible as a family, with all of them being faithful and supper supportive of them. I agree that despite them being significantly poor, they did a wonderful job by providing their children with all cool stuff. Although in my opinion this is really unfair that they were so poor. Arthur worked for the Ministry and the fact they did not pay him enough, it's especially awful and unjust. I also really liked the 'adult' brothers, which were barely shown in the movie, such as William or Charles Weasley.
  7. It may sound silly but I always liked the Collins family from the series Twilight. They were always supper supportive of each other and had strong believe in one self. The last movie from this series, pictured how the family got together to protect Bella's daughter. You can clearly see how the family is supportive of one another and although a bit scared at first, decides to join together to prove to Vulturi that Bella has not committed a crime. This for me shows how amazing they are together. Although most was not related, they still formed a lovely and strong family.
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