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  1. The last movie I have watched was also a documentary! It was not about the dinosaurs though, but about an apocalypse. This documentary was also on YouTube, but the quality was also great! The document was a story of what would happen if the asteroid of the same size that killed dinosaurs, hit the Earth again. The documentary focused on different areas of the outcome of this event. It focused on animals - our pets and wild animals living in zoos, and how they would become more violent and open to walk on open spaces. It also claimed that more than 80% of human population would die. It was a gre
  2. I am unsure whether this counts but why not to share this story. When I was younger, around the age of 8, I woke up to go to school. My mum had already left for work so I was home alone. As soon as I was ready to leave my home, I realized my keys are gone. I called my mum and she said that she had accidentally took both mine and hers keys. This was the best thing that has ever happened to me, or so I thought. Who doesn't love a day off? An hour in, I spotted a weird green smoke coming from the floor from my room. I was a bit confused so I rushed to the room and started removing baskets with to
  3. When I was younger I was extremely poor. Pretty much 98% of the time, the only money my siblings and I had the money I managed to earn from friends or found on the street. One day I was extremely hungry and had just 2 pounds left. I went to the local supermarket and decided to get one energy drink and express noodles. When I went to pay for the groceries in the self checkout. It turned out I was short on 20 pence. I got upset and decided to call for the shop assistant so she could cancel my shopping. I wanted to take just the soup. When she came to help me and realized how much I need to get b
  4. My son used to have lessons online since March last year. He is a smart boy so his homework takes him less than two hours to complete. He always gets bored easily so he created a 'kid letter box'. He used an old shoe box, decorated it and placed it downstairs by the main letter box for our house of flats. He wanted the kids from our building to talk to one another in a safe way. In this way, he managed to get some new friends, and even apparently managed to open up one of the neighbor's kids. I absolutely love his creativeness!
  5. When I was 22 years old I had a car accident. It was a proper serious accident in which I have lost a part of my pelvis and my right hip. This resulted in me having implants in my right hip and the right iliac crest (right side of the pelvis). Although I can walk, sometimes the pain is unbearable and I need to either have a rehabilitation or the implant changed completely. Because of covid, it is very difficult to get into any rehabilitation centre as they focus on people who lost a limb/limbs, injured spine or any other important bones. This resulted in me being out of rehabilitation for more
  6. The first book of the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, and then later the movie, made it hundred percent sure about what creature I love the most. This creature is Niffler! I absolutely adore him! He is truly beautiful and cute, with a bit of a sassy attitude, which makes him look cuter. I love animals that are full of energy and are so goofy that it is just funny. Although nifflers are pretty big troublemakers, it is difficult not to love them. From the personality traits he reminds me a lot a ferret. Ferrets also love to steal stuff!
  7. I don’t mind thunderstorms at all. Rain always makes me sleepy, so If there would be a thunderstorm outside during the night I would not probably hear it anyway. However, I know a couple of people, including @Harry Walles! I never understood it to be honest. Even when I was a kid I was never afraid of them. I preferred to watch them on the sky rather than hide under the bed or somewhere else. I also have tones of younger siblings so I know that most kids are actually pretty scared of thunders and thunderstorms. I still find it rather bizarre!
  8. Oh @Harry Walles! There is a waterfall in our local park! It is a small one but always something! (Here was supposed to be a photo but unfortunately after looking for it for 10 minutes I still didn’t find it so let’s imagine a little waterfall by a river). I have personally only seen the waterfall in my park. I haven’t seen any other waterfall and I do hope to see a proper huge waterfall in real life at some point of my life! I personally don’t mind waterfalls. They are beautiful, sure. But they are also incredibly dangerous if you fall off it accidentally.
  9. I absolutely hate snow! I mean I love how it looks like and the winter images, but I hate when I have to go out! Not only it’s freezing, but extremely slippery! I am being forced to wear more clothes that I would prefer! Snow also does not help with my vision! I am rather blind with my -2 vision in both eyes, so I need to wear glasses. And let me tell, a mask + glasses + snow = hell on Earth. Back when I didn’t need glasses it wasn’t that bad but now... I’ll pass. Always a 100% percent pass.
  10. Just like @February Fortescue...I also have lakes and rivers around my house! One of the best places that I know of is a small reservoir with the River Thames. Sometimes when there is not so much water, there are rocks there that you can walk on. You can find tones of seashells and many different objects such as parts of plates, or some mysterious objects (I have found a weird rock with a human-like form drawn on it, only visible under a certain angle and a duck bone!). You can also feed ducks and swans there, and take some nice photos. The only problem is that you nee
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