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  1. There are tones of 'objects' I am most thankful for. For this one, I decided to make a list of all things I love: I am extremely grateful for having tones of books about history and crime. Pasta Polish and British food Energy drinks Internet Music My favourite bands: Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, Kodaline, OneRepublic, The Fray, Queen For my favourite channel Blaze TV Pizza For my TV For my cd collection for my coin collection
  2. My favourite place to hang out in is my local park. Ever since I moved to my area, I absolutely fallen in love with that place and started spending hours there. I have tones of memories from this place. There are ducks there, waterfalls, tones of trees and regular events (such as Dog House Show - I was there with my family and had tones of great fun). Because of covid we haven't been much in there but usually @Harry Walles, our kids and I spend every weekend there reading books and feeding the ducks. Here is a photo of one of the gardens in the park:
  3. Hi Friar! Like Harry, I also do 5 classes - A History of Things, Hol Genetics, Introduction to Sign Language, Muggle Studies Pop Culture, The Magic of Forensic Science. Some of my classes are slightly more difficult but I am trying my best. In terms of Huffleeween I have to say I loved it! I joined in may this year so despite being a second year student, this is my first Huffleeween! I completed every task and I am definitely looking forward to the next year one! I am also not that far from Harry when it comes to the diamond count, and I am definitely in top 5! 10 diamonds to Lou
  4. I also agree with the majority - I would love to have the Invisibility Cloak. The main reason for my decision is I like the idea of having a say in terms of when you die. The idea that I can protect my family at the same time when I die it's also quite fascinating for me.
  5. The person I am grateful for is my lovely husband @Harry Walles. There are plenty of reasons why he is so important to me, and writing all of them in here would took me waaaay more than 75 words, so I am going to just choose couple of them. I am aware that not many people are super supportive of the LGBT community. My foster family is extremely homophobic (leaving behind the fact they don't like me either way), so were my biological parents. Therefore, I grew up in believing there's clearly something wrong with me for liking both girls and boys. When I discovered my current family'
  6. When I thought of the pumpkin I carved the splendid, smelly sweetheart What could there be more purely right smart? The pumpkin laughed I carved the stupid, silly sweetheart The pumpkin smiled I carved the beautiful, beloved beauty Only this and the pumpkin I carved the ducky, dearest dearie And so you came gently buzzing To warn me about the love There stood a dearest truelove I carved the patriotic, precious pumpkin So I decided to make the pumpkin in some ways a memory of something or someone alive who was always there. It's kind
  7. edit: Diamonds counted through here - Tarma
  8. I wanted to write about the same thing as Harry: So because this idea is taken I decided I am going to write about something else. Therefore, my topic is about a nature reserve in Poland called Segiet. I happened to be there once, a long time ago when I was around 8-9 years old. I particularly remember this place for its beauty. The trip over there didn't take long (so did our tour around the reserve) but it was truly a place worth visiting. The area which particularly intrigued me was a mysterious alley which looked truly magnificent. I am planning to go there
  9. I think about the childhood tree and pure green leaves the smell in my deep memories The summer breeze that came with the warm summer wind and the smell of youth In my dreams I am coming back to the days when things were simple, youth I tried lol
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