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  1. Boo! Oh, is it too late for Halloween jokes? Hope your weather isn't as chilly as it is here!! Sorry for posting this late within the month once again. The due date for completing it is December 5th. You can color the page in any manner you wish, whether by hand or using image editing applications. Once you complete it, post your entry below. This will earn you 10 Citrines and 1 Graphic Point. But, most importantly. Have fun!
  2. Awesome coloring! Though Tarma's black background makes her appear Halloween-y. Each of the following people earned themselves 10 Citrines and 1 Graphic Point: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Meredith Malkins Hermione Brontë
  3. Hello folks! Hope you're enjoying October and the weather is treating you kindly. As I am posting this slightly late in the month, we'll have only one Coloring Page, though it is a fairly easy one, but hopefully still entertaining. The due date for completing this is October 31st. You can color the page in any manner you wish, whether by hand or using image editing applications. Once you color the page, you can post your entry below and earn yourself 10 diamonds and 1 graphic point. Have fun and remember this is due the end of the month!
  4. Super close to the deadline lol but here's my go at this! It was fun coloring it
  5. Here's my attempt at a warrior/brother of the Night's Watch kind of thing. And here's and older photo from me pretending to be some type of royalty.
  6. Yes, the flower petals are different colors. >_>
  7. These WERE fun! And I think I went a bit out of the box with the color, but then again why can't a Penguin be brown-ish or a snowflake pink/green if you wish hard enough.
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