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  1. Can handmade cards count? Only, I spent 5 hours on sewing one and cards are kind of decorations when they're displayed. If not I'll make a decoration digitally.
  2. *Looks both ways before entering* I'M FIRST! More importantly, before Maxim!
  3. I use pixlr.com It's similar to photoshop but free
  4. Tinypic is good too (tinypic.com). Another one is Postimage (postimage.org). It's always nice to have a range if one goes down.
  5. Oh I know that one (took me forever), click the button of the picture of the tree when posting, then paste in the URL of your uploaded picture.
  6. I really need to stop having a life and start checking the Sett more often so I always beat Maxim. That or we should ban him from posting before the last week of the month....
  7. I agree with Sirius, posting after Maxim is infuriating. I spent ages doing this, then realised, why am I trying so hard to stay in the lines? I CAN MAKE MY OWN! So I made some minor modifications.
  8. Only the essentials, of course! Because quills are SO nineteen years ago.
  9. Alright then, here's mine. This year in RL should be my second to last year in school based on my age. But instead, this year I want to compress my studies and graduate at the end of the year. This will mean I can go to University next year, and that's another step towards entering my dream profession, genetics. I used passion for genetics (the pink colour) as my motivator. Both stick figures are me, but the one on the ground is me now and the one on the double helix is where I want to be at the end of the year: several steps or rungs closer to my higher goal.
  10. It was really difficult to do, but here's mine:
  11. This is what I came up with: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=28l6i6f&s=9
  12. Here's a small sample of what I'm thankful for: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=206mxbr&s=9 Brilliant idea for a challenge, I think!
  13. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2whpoa8&s=8#.ViwHwyte8Y4 What's Autumn without magic?
  14. While this is nowhere near the quality of Leonie's, and was done on the computer, this is my attempt. I included a flower because where I am it is spring, and also because the phoenix made me think of life cycles, and I thought a flower could illustrate it well. The ash of the dying phoenix is dying feeds the new flower, it's poetic. Water evaporates to Air, Air feeds Fire, Fire becomes Earth, not that I showed all of that cycle. And flowers are pretty anyway! Here is the link: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=15yhc3&s=8#.ViGZjCte8Y4
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