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  1. Hmmm, I'm most looking forward to seeing Luna Lovegood because I'm curious to see how alike we can be. I can be quirky like her, but I also don't believe in most of the stuff in the Quibbler, so we'll either get along or butt heads all day long. I love snow, so the enchanted snow falling down would be amazing and I think the fireplaces with dragons climbing on them would be so fantastic to see. So long as the dragons don't burn a hole in my favorite sweater. I think the thing I'm most looking forward to is the food and gifts. I do consider food a hobby, so I'll be trying to get s
  2. Guests Hannah Abbott Professor McGonagall Seamus Finnigan Dean Thomas Oliver Wood Decor Dried Orange garlands Giant Snowflake tapestries in House Colors Giant Snow globes that you can sit in Star Ornaments that change colors Bat ornaments with little Santa hats Food "Lump of Coal" cookies Cornish Hens with cranberry-apple rice stuffing Bread pudding Chocolate Gateau Golden Snitch Peanut Butter Balls Raffle Drawing Gifts A small bottle of Felix Felicis Crochet fingerless glov
  3. I'm going to switch it up and go to the mountains. We used to go to the smokey mountains as a kid to visit distant relatives and in fall especially, it's magical. The trees are golds and browns and reds as far as you can see and often times there's the mist that hasn't quite faded. I'm afraid of heights, so I would never go to the edges and look over the edge. I was more content to be among the trees, leaves crunching beneath my feet and feeling I had walked into every fairy tale forest that I read about. It probably helps that I've always trees in general as a kid and still do as a adult. S
  4. I struggled alot last year with real life and really let HoL fall to the wayside. So my goals are going to be small. To get three quills per term and participate in....hmm, two activities. That's my minimum goal but I'm hoping to exceed that!
  5. *waves her Hufflepuff flag, pointing out the lack of red in it* I'm a coward of almost the worst sort and clumsy to beat, so no I would not enter my name into the goblet. I just know I wouldn't be up to the challenges put forth so why waste the effort? Besides, I have no desire to be famous or renowned. Just the brief glimpses we get of it both in the real world's pop culture and Harry Potter's own trials with fame has soured me on the whole deal. So to enter a competition to be famous? No thank you. (Also, I'm slightly surprised to find out I'm in a majority on this on
  6. I read all of the books, (after months of making fun of them) and enjoyed them more then I thought I would. I definitely wouldn't say they were my favorite, but I did read through them pretty quickly and got involved in the story. However, I haven't thought of even touching the books since then. And I never finished the movies, or if I did, the last one was apparently not worth remembering. I think I would rate them a solid 5? I was definitely on Team Edward though, if only because I thought vampires were cooler then werewolves. (Although that book Louis mentioned sounds interestin
  7. Kelpie + Troll - Unicorn 12 Imp 10 Crup 10 Fwooper 10 Gnome 10 Hungarian Horntail 10 Kneazle 11 Leprechaun 10 Puffskein 10 Mooncalf 11 Glumbumble 9 Acromantula 10 Mandrake 10 Billywig 10 Fairy 11 Kelpie 12 Troll 5 Centaur 10 Pixie 10 Basilisk 9
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