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  1. Friends of Trees Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Mia Fountain Emily Spencer Louis Walles Harry Walles Jodie Smith
  2. (Thanks for your patience guys, I know I'm late getting this up this week.) This week is all about unique trees and tree species and now it's your turn to make one of your own. Do you want it to be the natural greens and browns of most trees? Or do you want to mimic the rainbow eucalyptus and be an explosion of color? Maybe you want to make a tree of stardust, the choice is yours. Below I'm offering some coloring pages, but if you find one elsewhere you like better, feel free to use it. Please follow HOL Image rules as you post your entry below to earn 20 diamonds. Due March 11th at 11:59 HOL time
  3. Trees are (almost) everywhere, and in a great variety of species. But there are some unique trees out there, where it's by their species, their age, or their size. For starters, one of the oldest trees in the world is named Methuselah, located in Eastern California, USA, that is almost 5,000 years old! It is a Great Basin, bristlecone pine tree and it's location is actually a federal secret. To be fair, we did chop down a cousin of this tree, that was actually older. So maybe it's a good idea that we keep him a secret. One of the most unusual trees out there is the Rainbow Eucalyptus. And no, you heard me clearly, it's called rainbow for a reason. While it's outside bark is the typical light brown of other eucalyptus, when the bark is peeled off, it has a wild range of colors of oranges and pinks and greens. And it's not subtle either. Australian Geographic was quoted as saying "your average four-pack of assorted highlighters", and they are as bright as highlighters. I've shared about two trees, now it's your turn. Tell me about any unique tree or tree species that you can find. Share the details in a post of 150 words (100 words if you include a picture.) to earn 20 diamonds. Due on March 31st, 11:59 pm HOL time
  4. As I said in the Discussion post for this week, fruit trees are the first thing we think of when we think of trees as a food source. And I am personally very partial to apple trees. In fact, I've even been teased for how I eat them. (Apparently eating so far down the core, that you risk eating seeds is a bit unusual.) So here's a jigsaw puzzle celebrating picking apples. Solve it and send me a link or screenshot in PM, titled "Week 3 - Jigsaw". When you do so, you'll earn 20 diamonds. Due on March 31st, at 11:59 pm HOL time.
  5. Beyond feeding the spiritual needs of people, trees often sustained them physically. The most obvious answer is fruit trees, (I'm partial to apple trees myself!) but that's not the only kind of food. They can also grow berries, nuts, and even fungi such as mushrooms grow on trees. Beyond that, people have been known to eat the leaves and roots of trees, particularly when food is otherwise scarce. Trees have also been quite useful for medicine 'back in the good ole days', particularly as a tea. Several wand woods are actually used as teas, such as pine, willow, and even elder wood, among others. While the leaves and berries off of these trees are what we typically picture as teas, but as often used was the inner bark. In fact, a Native American tribe in the United States were named for the fact that they used inner bark for food. (The Adirondack, though their actual name was the Algonquin, and their range spread from New York to Canada.) Now it's your turn. You have two choices of topics to discuss this week. A. You can talk about a time you've picked food from a tree, or drank tea from tree bark. Did you enjoy it? Do you think it's helpful? B. You can share some information about the Adirondack (Algonquin) tribe. Who are some of their notable members? What are some aspects of their culture? Write about 150 words, for 20 diamonds. Due on March 31st, at 11:59 pm HOL time.
  6. Friends of Trees (aka those who completed) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Emily Spencer Amy Smith Mia Fountain Harry Walles Louis Walles Silvana Mandeville Jodie Smith Tanisha Sparks
  7. Many mythologies have world trees, or these mythical trees that are the foundation of the world and universe. So you are now the creator of a new universe. You must have a tree to support your new universe. What does that look like? Do you have certain races on certain levels? Certain magics connected to certain branches? Or is a large chaotic mix? Does having willow leaves and Spanish moss hanging down affect anything? Please go in at least 200 words (100 if you including an image of your own making), and tell me of your tree, for 20 diamonds. Due at March 31st 2022, 11:59 pm HOL time.
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