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  1. Oh this is hard for me. I tend to be a bit of a scaredy cat, so most of the creatures from his suitcase make me nervous. Though I will say I'm very drawn to the Occamy. It's so pretty! The colors of it are very close to my favorite colors and I adore how serpentine it looks. (Many of my real life family members fit into Slytherin, so I'm predisposed to like snakes, forgive me!) But, it's very aggressive and I'm not always the most careful person, so I don't think it would suit me much. In the end, if I was to take a pet, I would take a Bowtruckle. I'm something of a tree admirer an
  2. Thank you guys! I really appreciate it, and it was a lovely day!
  3. Like Carrie, I've done some small stuff to help out, but nothing that seems on the level of the story. I do remember one time our youth group made these little bags for the homeless. I don't remember most of the stuff that went into them, but it was some sandwiches and some bars and I think floss or something for hygiene. It's been years but I'm sure online there are some similar ideas. One thing that's pretty cool about where we work is we do do alot of drives for charities. In particular, one of the ladies that handles payroll is big on animals so I think almost every month that
  4. Mine is meant to be a blend of Valentines and Mardi Gras, both of which fall in February (this year at least).
  5. Seamus Finnigan + Vincent Crabbe - Harry Potter 10 Hermione Granger 11 Draco Malfoy 11 Fred Weasley 11 George Weasley 10 Lord Voldemort 7 Fleur Delacourt 10 Cedric Diggory 10 Severus Snape 12 Bellatrix Lestrange 5 Seamus Finnigan 11 Rubeus Hagrid 10 Albus Dumbledore 10 Luna Lovegood 11 Neville Longbottom 11 Sirius Black 11 Ginny Weasley 10 Vincent Crabbe 8 Lavender Brown 10 MadEye Moody 11
  6. Luna Lovegood + Vincent Crabbe - Harry Potter 10 Hermione Granger 11 Draco Malfoy 11 Fred Weasley 11 George Weasley 10 Lord Voldemort 9 Fleur Delacourt 10 Cedric Diggory 10 Severus Snape 11 Bellatrix Lestrange 6 Seamus Finnigan 10 Rubeus Hagrid 10 Albus Dumbledore 10 Luna Lovegood 11 Neville Longbottom 11 Sirius Black 10 Ginny Weasley 10 Vincent Crabbe 9 Lavender Brown 10 MadEye Moody 10
  7. Definitely have never experienced snow thunder but I'm fascinated by the concept now. I'm like Emily, I love them and often listen to recordings of them to help me sleep. They do seem to create a cocoon like mood. I have the opposite problem with work then Emily though. Since I work in a grocery store, we'll get either a random rush or it's completely dead. But it is entertaining to see the people huddled up inside as they wait for rides to come up close to the doors so they don't have to walk in the rain. Then again, while I'll push it to walk home from work in the rain, I'll usua
  8. I wouldn't want to be in it per say, but I also kinda want it as a sleep noise....(Please tell me I'm not the only one who plays rain/thunderstorm sounds to help me sleep) Thanks for sharing! It's honestly really neat.
  9. The only waterfall I've seen is the one in Fall Creek Falls, when I went a couple years ago with some cousins/extended family. It's absolutely gorgeous, but definitely my excitement to see it was dampened by my fear of heights. I couldn't make it down the path or swinging bridges, so I largely stayed on the viewing platform and even then, stayed away from the edge. I think they're gorgeous and I love to look at photos of them, but the majesty of seeing them in person is missed on me.
  10. Mostly love relationship on my end with snow. (Don't tell Emily, but I'm a grown person still trying to make snowmen with handfuls of snow!) It definitely doesn't snow enough for me and I'm semi contemplating moving further north where it definitely has feet of snow so I can really enjoy it. However, I do hate one aspect of snow. Well, maybe not the snow itself, but people's responses to it. See, in real life, I work in a grocery store and every time they predict even a half inch of snow, people rush the stores to make sure they have plenty of food stuff. Apparently, years ago, the
  11. As a kid, I wouldn't have said I was the biggest water kid. I didn't hate water, I definitely went and splashed in puddles and I enjoyed going to the beach. But I didn't really gravitate towards it. In fact, I had plans to move to New Mexico and live in the desert. Don't ask me why, I very much believed I was going to be one of those 'artistes' lol. But a part of me has always been fascinated by Ireland, as it's our family heritage, and it seems like it's intensified in the last few years. And with that has come a grand fascination with coastal landscapes and oceanic scenes. I'm ve
  12. Dummy alert, but are we supposed to make a path from the number to the matching item/person? Or are we supposed to try and make a path where we collect every number along the way?
  13. Hi there Wilbur! You've done such a great job! It doesn't matter what kind of year it is, I always look forward to the holidays, it's probably my favorite time of the year. I didn't realize though we were all going to be dressing up so much! I'm going to wear a yellow silk top with a black skirt and black ankle boots, unless it's freezing, them I'm wearing trousers. I pretty much live in some form of boot, I don't even own a pair of heels now that I think about it. Like Emily, I'm a big foodie, so you can find me at the table probably most of the night, sampling everyt
  14. I decided to arrange them by what meals/situation I would eat them in. Breakfast Porridge Hot Chocolate Main Meal Roast Beef Roast Potato Yorkshire Pudding Dessert Treacle Tart Snacks while opening presents/caroling Ice Mice Jelly Slugs Cauldron Cakes Butterbeer 1 point and 10 diamonds to Amy!
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