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  1. Let's see... I took DADA, Potions, and Transfiguration to NEWT level - but I remember struggling a bit with my core classes in Potions and Transfiguration. (I'm thinking, of course, about the HOL versions of these courses and not the ones Harry Potter took a quarter-century ago). I think I have to go with DADA as it seemed the most 'natural' of the subjects to me. If only Parseltongue was a core subject, though... that would probably be my favourite! But I don't think I could handle thousands of Parseltongue students at a time; 300 or so is my limit!
  2. I'm surprised you didn't choose the one you taught: the one that taught me the traditional classification of Unforgivable Curses as Charms - which helped encourage me in developing my own courses!
  3. I was strongly considering the Occamy, but I know that the heart of any Occamy I would attempt to take would be drawn to one of my house's newest prefects, February Fortescue. But there's another Parseltongue-speaking creature that might be a fun challenge to work with: the three-headed Runespoor. I always enjoy having more snakes for my Parseltongue ophidiarium, and the discussion between the three heads of the Runespoor could prove illuminating to my students in my Parseltongue course who wish to see the language "in the wild". And if it gives me some of its eggs, they would be very valu
  4. The most dangerous creature has to be the best known XXXXX-rated creature found in the suitcase, which is the Nundu. Nundus are particularly dangerous due to their breath, which causes virulent disease. Plus, it does not rely on its breath alone but has been recorded to kill people with a more mundane, physical attack. Newt Scamander records that no fewer than a hundred wizards, working together, have been able to defeat the Nundu; in the absence of such a team, I would need to persuade the creature to return instead of trying to fight it. My best guess would be to begin by casting a Bubbl
  5. My childhood associations of thunderstorms are always "end of fun": so many times I'd be swimming in one of my community's public pools in the summer and see the clouds begin to darken. I would hope that I wasn't seeing what I think I was... but unfortunately, I would soon hear the sound of a lifeguard's whistle, paired with the words "Thunder and lightning" and a call for us to immediately get out of the water, pack our stuff, and leave the general area of the pool. The pool was just far enough from home that the trek back would feel painfully long as a kid... 15 or 20 minutes on foot isn't
  6. I love looking at the ocean and seeing the sun rise or set over the water depending on which coast I'm on. But unfortunately oceans aren't great for swimming in: too often they're either way too cold (the Southern California coast has no right to be this cold when it's at the same latitude as South Carolina and south of ALL of continental Europe!) or the waves are way too turbulent. But I still remember my favourite secret swimming spot in Los Angeles, in a cove where the water is much milder and less turbulent than the surrounding "Pacific" Ocean - though I haven't been for a few years. O
  7. Gift D, please! Gift D given to Will!
  8. Throughout 2020 the main thing I learned here at HOL is that my experience here really did not change despite graduating and becoming a professor. Another interesting thing I learned - from teaching Parseltongue - is that the way people speak English carries over to their Parseltongue (especially in terms of pronunciation-related accents)! Looking ahead towards 2021: I'm always looking to see new people grow into the community... and if there are more interesting and fun classes and activities - so let's all have a very happy 2021! 1 point and 10 diamonds to Will!
  9. Going from airiest/lightest/most liquid to heaviest, in order... -Butterbeer -Hot Chocolate -Yorkshire Pudding -Porridge -Jelly Slug -Ice Mice -Treacle Tart -Roast Potato -Roast Beef -Cauldron Cake 1 point and 10 diamonds to Will!
  10. Maybe have a cake that is somehow charmed to congratulate and applaud him? Or if not a cake, some other food that does the same? 1 point and 10 diamonds to Will!
  11. I would like to claim Narcissa Malfoy, kissing balls, Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream, and a small bottle of Felix Felicis! 1 guest, 1 decor, 1 food, and 1 gift recorded!
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