Welcome to Hufflepuff and HOL!

To our wonderful Huffies, I would like to welcome each and every one of you.

I know it can get a bit overwhelming sorting through everything here at HOL and at The Sett, so I will try to keep this as short as possible.

BadgerHopefully you have already taken the opportunity to go wandering around The Sett and to see for yourself the fun that is awaiting you. Above all, I do wish you enjoy our Common Room and make yourself at home. There are some wonderful people there working hard to make your stay entertaining and well... welcoming. If you have any questions please do not be shy to get in touch with your prefect or any of the Huffle Staff. There is always some one there to help you or to point you in the right direction.

Wait, your prefect? That's right; every Badger has a prefect (or Huffle Staff) assigned to answer any questions that may come up. The assignments are sorted alpha-Huffle-like, and it's done by your first name.

Ely Granger, prefect: A-B
Hermionie Miranda, prefect: C-E
Eve Roarke, prefect: F-J
Askeron Kyle, post graduate and Huffle Staff: K-L
Sirius Fudge, prefect and Head Boy: M-P
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, professor: Q-S
Violeta Lost, prefect: T-Z

If your name was Cedric Diggory, you'd go to Hermionie Miranda with your questions. See? It's not so bad.

As this is an online school, and we do compete for the House Cup, it is recommended that you sign up for a couple of classes. You can take one class, or you can take the maximum of five classes. Only you know what would be comfortable for you to take. Remember, this is fun; RL (real life) school should come first, and I do understand the need to "get away" for a bit and have some down time. Hufflepuff may be the smallest house, but we do have dedicated students who balance the two worlds beautifully.

If you are into Quidditch, please try out of our Quidditch team; I know the captains of the team are always looking for new players.

Please be respectful to everyone, whether they belong in Hufflepuff or any of the other three Houses. Niceness counts.

So once again, welcome to HOL and Hufflepuff.

Prof. Felicia Hartwick
Head of House