House Information

There's plenty to learn about Hufflepuff, both in the Harry Potter universe and here at HOL. Below you'll find some facts about the book version of Hufflepuff, and to the right, you'll find links to information about HOL's Hufflepuff house.

About Hufflepuff (in the books)

Founder: Helga Hufflepuff
House colors: Yellow and black
House traits: Dedicated, fair, hard-working, loyal, patient
House mascot: Badger
House ghost: The Fat Friar
Common room: Hufflepuff Basement, near the kitchens

About Hufflepuff (in HOL)

Head of House: Prof. Felicia Hartwick
Common room: The Sett
Visitors' area: The Fireplace
House ghost: The Fat Friar
House poltergeist: Parker
House house-elf: Wilbur
House publication: Wizarding Times
Quidditch team nickname: Spiffy/Spiffies
Cheerleaders: Cheerie-os