• About Hufflepuff

    Curious about Hufflepuff Professors, Prefects, and Mini Prefects?

    Looking for information about the Sett?

    Just how hard-working and loyal are Hufflepuffs, anyway?

    What's the deal with honey badgers?

    What does the common room really look like?

    Hufflepuffs are excellent at finding things: fact or fiction?

    Find out all about Hufflepuff here.

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  • New Badgers

    Are you a new Badger, lost in the hallways?

    Are you afraid of running afoul of professors, prefects, and poltergeists?

    HOL can be confusing at the best of times, but especially for new folks.

    New Badgers can find all sorts of useful information about the house and the Sett here, including a copy of the Welcome Letter from the Head of House.

    Even older Badgers can find information to help them around the halls, passageways, and IRC.

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  • Quidditch

    If flying seems like the most exciting class ever for a young wizard, or if you love trivia and typing really fast, Quidditch might be just the thing for you.

    The Hufflepuff Quidditch Team, known as the Spiffies, are always looking for new recruits and fresh talent.

    Check out the channel guidelines and team rules and requirements here.

    Then, head on over to IRC and try your hand at Quidditch. Who knows? You may find yourself loving it.

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  • Wizarding Times

    The Wizarding Times is Hufflepuff's house magazine. Featuring interviews, reviews, stories, games, artwork, and more, Badgers and HOLers alike can find something to enjoy. The Wizarding Times staff is always looking for new ideas and submissions, so why not submit something and earn a few points, too?

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  • The Hufflepuff Library

    Prof. Alektaia Khalikope's Memorial Hufflepuff Library is currently undergoing a series of ever-increasingly time-consuming renovations. Our contractors, however, assure us that construction is nearing an end. If you'd like to help organize the library's vast holdings of Huffle material, keep an eye on the Sett for volunteering opportunities.

About HOL

HOL is a virtual simulation of a Hogwarts-like wizard school. Your aim is to collect points for yourself and for your house, and the best house gets the House Cup at the end of the term. But honestly the real aim is to have fun, to make new friends, to attend entertaining classes and to rave about your house Quidditch team.

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