Rules and Regulation for #huffquid

We welcome all Badgers in #huffquid. Come visit!
However, please be aware of some of our rules and regulations.

  • HOL rules apply — unless it's only the team in #huffquid and we decide to turn a blind eye to some of them. ;)
  • Team members are channel operators (moderators); you should pay attention to what they say. You can tell who they are by the @ symbol (or similar) by their names.
  • If you feel you are being bullied or people are "getting at you" for no reason, talk to the captain, Marcie.
  • As a house channel, #huffquid is open to all Badgers. Come in, bot, have some fun. However, if you're not on the team, please don't invite non-Badgers in. If you'd like to bot with your friends from a different house, use #quidpractice instead.
  • When you join the channel to bot, please don't start the bot right away. If you wait a minute or two, you will see if anyone is actively botting. (Alternately, you can ask if there is anybody in the channel.) If no one's botting after a minute or two, feel free to start.
  • There are three nicks that are a near-constant presence in the channel: Lillybot/Kangabot, CosmoBot/CosJoeBot, and Cosmo/Cos|Away/Grumblesnore/etc. If it's only those nicks and yourself in the channel, chances are no one else is botting or being super active in the channel.
  • Practices are Saturdays at 9 p.m. HOL time. You're welcome to stop by and watch; it's a great way to learn. If you want to join in, ask the person running the practice (most likely the captain); often the answer will be yes, but sometimes the team needs a team-only practice. Remember, it's not personal; it's just training.
  • In addition to being a house channel, #huffquid is also a team room. Occasionally the team needs to discuss Team Things and will ask you to leave for a while. It's not personal — it's just Team Stuff; you'll be able to come back in when the Team Stuff is over.
  • The one time you should definitely stay out of #huffquid is during a game (plus a bit before and after, too). It takes focus and concentration to play, and the team room is our refuge during a game; game-time visitors are simply too distracting. If you really want to support the team during a match, go cheer for us in #grandstand — it's fun!
  • When you bot, please use a recognisable nick all the time so we know who you are for botting stats.
  • If you have any other questions about the HQT, becoming a Spiffy, #huffquid or botting, please send a message to Marcie Hobber.

Last modified January 9, 2014.