Team Information and Rules

Do you want to be on the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team (HQT)?
Do you want to play Quidditch and be known as a Spiffy?
(Members of the HQT are known as Spiffies.)


What does it take to be on the HQT? First, you must show up at #huffquid. Second, you must bot. No, first you must have been Sorted to Hufflepuff! Then you show up in #huffquid and bot. (Be sure to use your HOL Name when you are botting. That way we know who you are and also you get credit for your botting points.)

Team members are required to bot a minimum of 500 points a week and attend our weekly practice. If you cannot attend practice, you can make it up by botting one continuous round of 300 questions or two simultaneous rounds of 150, then posting about it in the practice attendance thread.

New team members need to bot only 300 points a week. At the beginning of the new term or whenever the co-captains feel you are ready, you must meet full team requirements of 500 points a week.

What is botting?

Botting is practicing your Harry Potter trivia knowledge — you will start a set of 50 questions to answer, and you answer them the best that you can. (There is a format to botting that you will discover once in #huffquid. You start the bot with a command — for example !trivia — and it will run for 50 questions unless you pause it — !pause — or stop it — !strivia.)

It helps to have a love of HP trivia, an ability to type correctly and a certain amount of dedication and discipline. After all, this is like any game or sport, and, generally speaking, the more one practices, the better one does.

All official HOL Hogwarts Quidditch games are played at 9 p.m. HOL time on Saturdays. (This is usually 1 p.m. Pacific time and 4 p.m. Eastern time in the USA.) You need to be available, at that time, to play in HOL Hogwarts Quidditch games. You can still be on the team and practice and bot without playing in a game — but if you want to play, you will need to be able to arrange your schedule to have that time free.

General Info

The team is led by captain Marcie Hobber. If you've questions, please feel free to send her a PM.

The team currently consists of Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, Sirius Fudge, Marcie Hobber, Askeron Kyle, and Romy Wolke.

Before coming into #huffquid, you might want to read up on the game of HOL Quidditch. It's so much more fun to understand what you are watching! You can read about it here, in the HOL Handbook. And if you want to know more about IRC, information about that can be found here or in Huffle Orientation.

We really strongly recommend that you have an IRC client and not use CGI, when you decide to come visit and bot. You're welcome to visit while on CGI, but if you want to bot, it can be very frustrating to deal with CGI's lag (which is a delay between sending and receiving what's said).

So, back to the original question. What if you want to join the team?

Show up in our team room, #huffquid, for a few weeks (maybe even a month or so :D) and bot and visit. (Be mindful that all HOL rules are followed in #huffquid.) We'll get to know each other that way, you to know us and us to know you. We'll know if you have read the HQT rules and regulations, too, so be sure that you do read them, a couple of times at least, before coming to #huffquid.

(Remember! Botting stats are done on a weekly basis. So we'll know if you've been around and botting recently. We strongly advise that your name shows up for at least the prior three or four weeks before asking to try out for the team, with having botted at least 100 or 200 points a week, preferably more.)

There are different ways to get on the team; the most formal way is to try out for it.

You will ask the captain for a chance to try out for the team, and she'll arrange a time for you to come and bot a round of 50. Your joining the team depends partly on how well you do in this round of botting. It's recommended that you get at least 25 or 30 of the possible 50 answers. This isn't as easy as it seems, because you are being watched by whoever is in the room at the time. That can be rather nerve racking.

Please be aware that there is more to joining the team than the simple ability to bot well. You must be able to follow rules and guidelines. That means reading them and following what they say. Most of them are in place for reasons that you may know nothing about, but we know why they are there. So please be courteous enough to read the rules and guidelines, and then follow them. Especially if you wish to be on the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team.

Note: If some of the terms in this post are unfamiliar to you, or you have questions, send Marcie a PM. :) (Non-bot people in #huffquid with a @ by their name will also be able to help you, if you have questions when in there.)

Last modified January 9, 2014.