Huffle Staff Who's Who

Head of House

Prof. Felicia Hartwick
Prof. Rorey Padfoot

Deputy Head of House

Prof. Cosmo B. Mott


Prof. Alaia Logan
Prof. Kath Snape
Prof. Opal Dragonfly
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Hufflepuff Head Prefect

Violeta Lost

HOL Head Boy, Hufflepuff Prefect

Sirius Fudge


Ely Granger
Eve Roarke
Hermionie Miranda

HOL Head Boy

Zoki Phantom

Huffle Staff

Askeron Kyle

Mini Prefects

Enid Labs
Ivelisse Ada

Quidditch Captain

Marcie Hobber

Non-Human Things

Parker, a poltergeist
The Fat Friar, a ghost
Helga Hufflepuff's Portrait, a portrait
Wilbur the House-Elf, a house-elf

In Remembrance

Lady Alektaia Khalikiope
Born May 15, 1974 - Died October 12, 2003
Quiddy Co-Coach and Transfiguration professor.
We will always love you, Taia. *hugs*

Updated January 9, 2014.