Useful Commands & Aliases

This is from Prof. Maya Winter's IRCguide, with her permission and blessing.


  1. Basic Commands
  2. Nickserv — Commands related to your nick
  3. Chanserv commands
  4. Aliases in mIRC

Please note, I am happy to add stuff in here, I just don't know what people would find useful >_>

Basic Commands

Forward slash, /, is used commands in IRC.

To join the channel #hol type:
/join #hol

To change your nickname on the chat to "Cabbage" you would type:
/nick Cabbage

Nickserv — Commands related to your nick

To register a nick:

  • Change your nick to the nick that you want to register
  • Type either:
    • /msg nickserv register password email
    • /ns register password email
    Where "password" is the password you want to use and "email" is your email address.
  • Sign into your e-mail address, wait for the e-mail from blitzed to arrive and copy-paste the code provided into your IRC window

To identify for your registered nick (you must identify to get any ops associated with your nick) type:
/msg nickserv identify password
/ns identify password

Where "password" is the password you registered the nick with

If you have more than one nick and wish to link them, renick to one of the nicks and type:
/ns link othernick password

Where othernick is your principal nick (which you link everything to) and password is your chosen password for othernick. This command means if you've identified for one of your nicks and renick to another, you will still be identified. It also means if you have ops in a certain channel on one nick, you will have ops on all linked nicks.

To see a list of all nicks linked to your current nick type:
/ns listlinks

To automatically get other people kicked off your nick if they use it type:
/ns set enforce on

Please note, this also means YOU will have to identify each time you sign on (with your password) to make sure you aren't kicked off your nick.

Chanserv commands

Stuff here? >>

Aliases in mIRC

Okay, so for aliases, you want to open up the Scripts Editor (see the "getting colours" section, hit "alt"+"r", or go to "Tools -> Scripts Editor) and select the Aliases tab as circled in the image below.

There should already be some commands in this window — don't delete them! I'll cover what a couple of these mean quickly:

/j /join #$$1 $2-
This means that instead of typing
/join #hol
you can just type
/j #hol
This works for ANY channel.

/s /server $$1-
This is for changing server, and it means that instead of typing
/server -whatever server here-
you can just type
/s -whatever server here-

You get the idea right? Nice and simple. You can add to this list to make your life easier if you wish, for example I'm WAY too lazy to type out my password everytime I join IRC (it's a long command) so instead I created this alias:

/id /ns identify password

Where you replace password with the password for your nick... and voila, you just type "/id" to identify. You can do this for joining channels etc too as can be seen in the image.

**Note: You can set up your IRC to automatically identify and join channels upon connecting. I haven't gone into this on this site anywhere at the moment as I don't like doing it personally XD**