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FB3 - Week 3 - Location Jigsaw

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Some of the places in the movie seem familiar, but there is somehow an oddness to them, like they are a little strange, or different. Of course, that is normal for witches and wizards! ^_^   Some of their buildings (like our beloved Burrow) are held up with magic!


Fantastic Beasts 3 - Movie scene


You'll earn the 30 Diamonds offered for the completion of this Jigsaw because the puzzle is made with a few more pieces (136) and it's not that easy a picture to puzzle out (although framing edges were placed on the sides and top and bottom).


Post your completed Jigsaw below and earn your Diamonds!  Remember to keep your graphic to 600x600 or smaller. (If you forget, the Sett's poltergeist might come along and shrink it for you .... hopefully not to 16x16  :o   ....)


You have until May 14th, 11:59 PM HOL time to post your completed Jigsaw!  You earn a bonus of 3 Diamonds, though, if you do so within a week of me posting this! 

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