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  1. I unfortunately do not know when I will be able to watch the movie, or even the 2nd one, I do not have much free time! Plus I do not like movie theaters haha, I'd wait until they are available online or in DVD form. Though I am really glad to hear that we will see new creatures! I have such a love and passion for animals and creatures of all kinds so that has me excited. I wonder if there will be a fourth movie, though? I never really expected a second or third, honestly, but a fourth would be interesting I bet!
  2. 300 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/TPWXby5E8bRx Finished: https://prnt.sc/eZqz0HxkNIbn
  3. 221 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/wKUmOFEP5Mai Finished: https://prnt.sc/D4WV7IbfOXrs
  4. 200 pieces: Unfinished: https://imgur.com/a/nvQwNSA Finished: https://imgur.com/a/BOTzJLf
  5. 240 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/5xZL9xRBanJw Finished: https://prnt.sc/jrLBMVWSR72B
  6. 238 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/qCcYZeNFasG4 Finished: https://prnt.sc/AHhNTN4hz-w8
  7. 204 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/mZ60fJEta2bm Finished: https://prnt.sc/Zu3lw8qOBf_w
  8. I have not seen any of the Fantastic Beasts movies besides the first one, so there are some characters who I do not recognize, like Yusuf Kama or Liu Tao (from the word search), but I was shocked to hear that Queenie turned to Gellert's side! Also I am relieved, albeit not that surprised, that Credence has become somewhat close with Albus Dumbledore. But I love that there are (series of) movies that showcase the time of Gellert's reign of terror and the moments that built up to it, too. I feel these movies also would show an interesting side to Albus, one we have not seen before.
  9. 234 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/H9knneRhBIxv Finished: https://prnt.sc/tTDYoVB2GITN
  10. 221 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/X5fANVUa9FN9 Finished: https://prnt.sc/QigSU_Zxt-5p
  11. 220 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/LCvm2Ejxqi9P Finished: https://prnt.sc/LCvm2Ejxqi9P
  12. 209 pieces: Unfinished: https://prnt.sc/KH4Y6kB1QQIU Finished: https://prnt.sc/ZjnRLNuzzPiz
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