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  1. Diamonds are counted through here - Tarma
  2. Diamonds are counted through here - Tarma
  3. I have visited Niagara Falls, it is a 2 to 3 hour drive away, so we decided to take a day trip, since I hadn't been there before. I enjoyed the views, however I didn't enjoy the crowds. I found the views to be breathtaking. We were planning on taking a boat tour, but we decided not to due to my fear of getting my hearing aids wet, and of going without them and possibly missing instructions, or conversation with my family members. It is a trip I would like to take again, but maybe not on a weekend, that way there may be less of a crowd.
  4. Snow can occur frequently here, throughout the winter months. Although, so far this year there hasn't been much snow. I like snow when I don't have to go out in it or shovel the driveway. It is nice to watch the falling snow from the warmth of my home. It isn't nice when we are driving in a blizzard. It also isn't nice when you know the forecast is calling for several inches of snow, and you know you will have to shovel it. I like it when the snow if covering the ground making everything look calm and clean, at least until the snowplow come or you get boot prints/pawprints everywhe
  5. My favourite place to enjoy being around water is walking on a beach with the waves coming in at ankle height. I don't really like swimming in the ocean/lake. I have been to the oceanside a few times, but most times that I am around a natural body of water, it is a lake. I prefer the bodies of water with sand beaches, but I have also been to a a rocky beach. But, I do like to look at them and hear the waves. If I am going to go swimming I prefer to be in a pool.
  6. Thank you Wilbur, Eve, and Sirius for the wonderful event.
  7. treacle tart jelly slug yorkshire pudding hot chocolate butterbeer cauldron cake ice mice porridge roast beef roast potato They are in order of most to least sweetest, based in what I think some of them would taste like. 1 point and 10 diamonds to Mia!
  8. I would like to claim Prof. Flitwick, luxury Eagle feather quill, and some mulled cider. 1 guest, 1 gift, and 1 food recorded!
  9. Thank you for the tea, it is nice to finally meet you Friar. There seem to be many different activities throughout HOL, happening to celebrate the HOLidays this year. I look forward to joining as many of the celebrations as I can. I've even started helping Wilbur out, hopefully we can finish all of the necessary preparations in time. Hopefully, Wilbur doesn't need my help wrapping presents, or they will look lumpy and terribly wrapped (even the boxes). Will the Ghosts be having a special celebration for themselves? What do you do to mark the holidays, and a new year? 10 diamonds to
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