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  1. Hi. I introduced myself months ago in Hufflepuff, but i thought i might introduce myself to the other 3 houses too. My name is Skylar Peyton. I am a first year Hufflepuff student. You can usually find me around the HOL halls or in the Hufflepuff Common Room. I also like to peek into the other common rooms sometimes to see what activities are going on there. I do like joining good activities. I can't believe my first year of HOL is ending already, i can't wait until next school year. I like to make friends and i can't wait to meet others from the other 3 houses.
  2. One creature I think I would like to see in the Fantastic Beasts movie is a Werewolf. We have Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series among others like Greyback. But I would like to see a Werewolf in human and in werewolf form in the Fantastic Beasts movies as well. We would learn more about that condition from that time and how they dealt with it. Another creature I think would be neat to see in Fantastic Beasts is an Acromantula, maybe it could be an ancestor of Aragog and maybe Newt could have one in his suitcase or something. Newt Scamander isn't a whole lot different than Hagrid really, they both love magical creatures. Hagrid raised Aragog, so Newt could have an Acromantula as well. I'm like Ron when it comes to spiders, but I think that would make things interesting, especially inside his suitcase. It also wouldn't hurt to see dragons featured in either the 4th or 5th Fantastic beasts movies. They could even help during the battle with Grindelwald, either on Dumbledores side or fighting on Grindelwalds side.
  3. I agree with Louis as well. I do think that Newt and maybe Dumbledore might have taught Jacob some things about a wand and how to use it properly in order to help him better protect himself. But I also think that Jacob being a muggle or no-maj will never be able to use the magic in the same way as an actual witch or wizard. Take a Squib for an example. A squib is typically around magic all of his or her life, growing up with magic parents and possibly other magic relatives, but the Squib will never be able to actually perform magic, especially in the same way as the others. So I think Jacob will learn to be able to use the wand to protect him from bad witches and wizards, like Grindelwald, and maybe perform the simplest spells, but I don't think he will be able to do much more than that. I think if I was a muggle or no-maj, going to Hogwarts, I would see the old ruins and danger signs. I would be very weary going past them. But I would then I would be very suprised to find a school hidden within those ruins and see witches and wizards running around or going to magic classes. I think that would be pretty cool to see!
  4. I love the friendship between Newt and Jacob, especially for that time! They have a great friendship and it shows that a wizard can be friends with a muggle. I think Jacob's character is funny and I love Newt's character, his awkwardness and the quirky things he does throughout all 3 movies that make him different from all the other characters. I understand why Grindelwald would want Queenie as part of his followers because of her legilimency, but I do wish she would have turned him down in the second one and not become a follower because she was supposed to be good. I didn't like how she left Jacob to go to Grindelwald. But then again if she did turn him down, he probably would have killed her anyway. So if i look at it like that, in a way, maybe it was actually a good thing she turned to his side. No spoilers for the third movie, but it was a great movie and showed more of the characters personalities.
  5. So excited for class sign ups to open again.

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    2. Jessica Barnes

      Jessica Barnes

      What classes are you thinking of taking?

    3. Ailee Aria

      Ailee Aria

      i keep changing my mind but currently im planning: Marauders 101, HOL 101, charms,  a visit to diagon alley and DADA 

    4. Skylar Peyton

      Skylar Peyton

      I'm planning to take HOL 101, but haven't decided on the other 4 yet.  So many choices.

  6. I live in Canada and we get a lot of snow here in the winter. I know most people here in the winter wish it was Summer and in the Summer, they can't wait for it to get colder. I don't enjoy the cold (especially when it gets to -15 or colder), but I do like the snow we get. My favorite activities are sledding and make a snowman. I used to make snow forts too. It's also great to take my dogs out after a snowstorm because they don't go more than 2 or 3 feet onto the deck. Right now, we have a lot of snow. We might have more snow now than we did at this time last year. This is the first weekend of January that no one has to shovel. We had 2 snowstorms the last 2 weeks which gave us a little over 80 centimeters altogether. I enjoy the snowstorms because it means we can stay in and have a family time and hope the power stays on. One time when the power went out, my parents told stories of their winters when they were young. Another time, during a blizzard, we lost power again. But somehow, my aunt (who only lives a couple roads over) didn't. So me and my brother hiked over to my aunts so we could have internet. It wasn't an easy hike, my brother who is older than me took my hand to help me over the snow. All for internet! True story.
  7. I hope you feel better soon.
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