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  1. I can't believe it's my birthday and I'm 33! I feel old

  2. Well class #2 completed. Took me almost a full week but I did it. Monster's in Cinema is completed and all the work is turned in!
  3. At least I found another class
  4. I loved it. I'm ready for the next class I'm going to start
  5. I didn't want to change but the course went poof gone.
  6. I'm no longer taking famous witches and wizards in history and am now taking monsters in movies
  7. Yes I did. It was Harry Potter Family Studies
  8. My classes are good. I finished one class Monday and today I started on Grindelwald's crime.
  9. How are you liking the classes so far?
  10. Oh my we are taking 1 class together. #besties
  11. well day 1 back from Christmas Break and I have complete one class. Like completely completed it! 

  12. Since today is the start of new classes for us. Have y'all picked your casses? If so what classes and why did you pick them? I'll go first A History Of Things: I had this class the first term and its a full year course. Braille: The Basics: I know sign language and a little bit of Braille so I wanted to learn more. Famous Witches and Wizards History: I wanna learn more about the witches and wizards who are famous in not just the muggle world but also the wizarding world. Plus Merlin! Grindelwald's Crimes: Very interesting topic and wanna learn about who he truly was
  13. I chose book three because it is when we are introduce to sirius black
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