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  1. I love to watch thunderstorms. Where my house is located, I can watch thunderstorms form from about fifty miles (or 80.47 KM) away. From the time they form until they reach my house takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the speed of the storm. Sometimes the storms can be rough and I don't particularly like those. But when they are calmer, I sometimes sit on the front porch and watch them as they come through my area. Usually the storms either come directly over my house or they turn north just before arriving and go toward the river.
  2. While I have never seen large water falls in very well known places, I have seen many small ones around my local national forest. The national forest has many old rock formation and in several places water continuously runs down the rock faces. In one certain spot, even when it hasn't rained, there is a fairly decent water fall. The water comes down rather quickly and there is space to get behind the fall. When we were younger, my siblings and I would stand under the fall and pretend to take showers. The fall has some of the coldest water running down it that I have ever felt.
  3. Where I live, we do not have much snow. It did however, snow about an inch or so yesterday but it melted by early afternoon. For me it is a treat when it snows enough to play in. Also because it doesn't snow much here when it does even just a tiny bit they close all the schools and roads. I would like to have a big snow at least once like I hear others talking about. Where we have enough to sled in and shovel. Sometimes we do get enough to build a snowman or have a snowball fight.
  4. In case my name doesn't give it away, I love water. I like swimming and playing in just about any kind of water as long as it is pretty clear. I do not have an ocean very close by, but I do have many lakes and rivers. We also have two ponds on our farm. One is for the animals to drink from and play in and one is for fishing. Although I have swam in both of them. There is a national forest close by and as a tradition my family (cousins aunts uncles grandparent) go there every year at the middle of May and go swimming in the stream there. It is usually still very cold, but that is part of the fu
  5. I am thankful for many things here are a few I am Thankful for HOL website My Siblings My parents and grandparents My extended family subtitles and closed captioning my home All of my pets Sign language Books ( I have too many favorites to list) My chickens and fresh eggs our family's Fields of cotton and soy beans Tractors and farm tools that make harvesting easier Gentle horses my friends my neighbors woods for exploring
  6. A place thankful for home. Not vacation or wild visit place. But home is favorite place. Why parents home will always be home. Parents home feel comfortable and accepting for all sisters and brother doesn't matter path. Home also beautiful I think. Has big pasture land of many colors. Has many hide places if need quiet time alone or at house loud when all siblings home. Always something to do. Never board. Animals to feed and play together.
  7. I grateful for sister. Really grateful for all siblings, but especially this sister. We 14 months apart. Sister push me to do best. Some other sibling want to jump in and do thing for me like at a restaurant will order for me, but sister let me order myself. She push me to be independent and not let Deaf stand in way. She also best friend and always there when need help or vent. She make sure I always include with her friends.
  8. Agree with Will. Hard for compare Cedric and Edward. Cedric more like background character in Harry Potter. Edward main character in Twilight. Robert Pattinson only 17 in Harry Potter and was first movie role. He 23 in Twilight. Had grown better actor after 6 year. He good as Cedric just not see much him because background character. He more develop in Twilight and more experience for Edward. Both act charters good but different age and experience. He not act better for one character. He act both character as good a he can. I enjoy see him in both movie series.
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