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Wizarding Jigsaw Challenge! - April

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Welcome to the Wizarding Jigsaw Challenge! An activity in which your role is to solve some real life jigsaw!


All you got to do to join the activity is to take a photo of the jigsaw you are going to solve (in a box) with the number of pieces, post it below and then start putting it together. There are different amount of diamonds available:


100 - 199 pieces = 10 diamonds

200 -299 pieces = 20 diamonds

300 - 499 pieces = 30 diamonds

500 - 799 = 40 diamonds

800< = 50 diamonds


Edit your initial post when you solved jigsaw. There is no deadline for the completion but it needs to be finished before the end of the month, 11:50pm HOL time. You can solve multiple jigsaws throughout the year but all need to be posted below to receive diamonds.


Alternatively, you can complete multiple jigsaw from the website called Jigsaw Planet. You can also use any other jigsaw website/app.


You can choose any jigsaw you want and then take a screenshot of your  unfinished and finished jigsaw and post it below. All of the jigsaw completed through this website need to have a minimum of 100 pieces. Remember that on this website, the maximum number of pieces per jigsaw is 300. Also, make sure that the number of pieces should be visible in your screenshot for it to count.


Remember that your graphic should be 600x600 or less.

The maximum amount of diamonds you can earn per month for this activity is 200 diamonds. 


If you have already earned 200 diamonds, you will receive beans for any extra jigsaw (with the same rules as for diamonds)

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Another snow storm in April so of course I have to watch a hockey movie... which one... Miracle. Am I a nervous wreck watching the games they played in the 1980 Olympics? Yes... even though I know the outcome from watching the movie hundreds of time and watching the actual games on TV all those years ago.


unfinished - https://imgur.com/a/IiibXWb


finished - https://imgur.com/a/yhf6ER6

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