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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 - The Secrets of Dumbledore - Final Count

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Secrets of Dumbledore





Thank you for joining our Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore


Tarma and I thank you for the opportunity to  once again continue with the story of Fantastic Beasts. We would also like to thank Jodie Smith for volunteering to help with this event. Her help was greatly needed the last week of the game when RL reared its head for Tarma and myself and she handled herself magnificently. I have a feeling we'll be seeing many events with Jodie's name  attached to them.


It looks like Theseus, Albus, Jacob and Newt are looking to see who earned diamonds, but even though lots of Diamonds were earned,  we are still in the process of totaling up the numbers. So bear with us and we do our work. As soon as we have the numbers they will be placed in this post.  A basic breakdown of Diamonds earned is this. First shown is your name, then the Diamonds earned in the weekly activities and then the Diamonds earned doing the trivia -- then the total number of Diamonds which will be plopped into your folder!


Edited just now by Prof. Felicia Hartwick

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Hi all.   :ph34r:


I am here to say that Fels and Jodie have done wonderfully in getting together data for diamond counts and such.  I am behind in counting up all the shinies ... so I might as well say why I'm so late!  (A wizard is never late ...) Anyway, earlier this month I drove across the country, from Washington state to Alabama, covering 500+ miles a day, for 6 days. When I got to Alabama, I was tired .... and tired.  :D   So really you didn't want me to total up your diamonds then! (This was last week.)


Then it appears that I have now a huge new-to-me family (because, yes, I'm also getting married fairly soon, not sure of date yet) and the whirl-wind of activity simply hasn't slowed down. So what I'm doing is learning how to claim time for the computer!  :cheer:   


You've not been forgotten -- neither has the April diamond count been forgotten -- but, while I'm becoming used to a new, regular, schedule which seems to require 28 hour days and 8 day weeks, I'm searching for a time-turner.  (There are some left, right?)


My plan is, currently, to get Secrets of Dumbledore all settled up and posted by this weekend, and then get the April diamonds counted up!  :thumbz:  


In the meantime, it's lovely here in Alabama.    :goldstar:

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