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Welcome to Snape-tember

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Starting today,  September  1st, Hufflepuff is celebrating  the wonderful character we all loved to hate and… loved… Prof. Severus Snape.  All of HOL Hogwarts is welcome to participate, have fun and earn Diamonds.    


Each week will have a Discussion thread, an activity or two and I will also be hosting a daily Trivia question. The questions will pertain to Professor Snape and the actor who portrayed  him… the great Alan Rickman. Please send in your trivia answers to me here at the Sett, through a PM.


All challenges and/or activities will be due on September 30th (HOL 11:59pm).  We will, however, be offering bonus Diamonds to those who finish them within a week's time of the activity being posted.   


If you participate in at least half of the activities presented, both Trivia and Forum activities, you will earn a nice Award to add to your treasures!     Snape-tember-2021-award-2.png


Mark the Forum to follow it (see above for places to click to follow either forum and topic) so you get notifications of new things when they appear! 


If for accessibility reasons you can't complete any of the activities, please just let Tarma or me know and an alternative can be worked out – we might give you something to research and write up about, but we will come up with an alternative!


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Remember to check all the Challenges and Discussions to see if you have participated in them.


Look to see how many times you posted in the Discussions. Writing in them gives you Diamonds for your first two posts; you are welcome to post more than twice, if you wish.






Also, be aware there is a BONUS Snape-tember Challenge.  35 Diamonds to do either the Jigsaw or the Cryptogram!



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