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Hello everyone :)

it is already February :o


Here in Germany we celebrate Carnival this month. I'm not quite sure about where else this is celebrated. But I want to make this month a creative activity with that topic ;)


We all love to  wear costumes, don't we? So this month, you have to create one. You can either post a picture of a costume you MADE (not one you bought, please, that would be too easy). You can also post a picture of a costume you have made in the past. If you like you can describe it.


If you don't have a costume and can't make a real life one you have the option to use a doll maker (like on this site: http://www.azaleasdolls.com/index.html or any other site). 


For a photo of a real costume you will get 20 diamonds and 2 graphic points.

If you choose the doll maker option you get 10 diamons and 1 graphic points for each doll. You can also earn 20 diamonds and 2 graphic points for handing in two doll pictures. You are free to make more (or a photo and dolls), but there won't be more than 20 diamonds and 2 graphic points awarded.

The deadline will be the 28th February.


Have fun :D and Helau (which is what we say where I come from at carnival)

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