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Welcome to Fantastic Beasts 3

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Note: Fels wrote this and the Sett poltergeist, Parker, kept blocking her from posting it!  So I've edited it to show names differently, but this is really from Fels.  :reading:    ~ Tarma


Welcome to Fantastic Beasts 3!


We have a new movie to look forward to and of course that means, we get to play a little here at the Sett.




Starting on April 15th, Hufflepuff is celebrating Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.   All of HOL Hogwarts is welcome to participate, have fun and earn Diamonds.    


Each week will have a different Theme -- new characters, places and creatures, the movie and then a collection of everything.    We will have three forum things for you to do each week, delving into the expanded world of Newt Scamander, and learn a bit more of Albus' history.


Fels will be doing her infamous (and wonderful and challenging) daily trivia! Get ready.  And she apologizes in advance if she miss a night (or two), you know how RL can be at times there at the Hartwick House.


All challenges and/or activities will be due on May 14th (HOL 11:59pm).  We will, however, be offering bonus Diamonds to those who finish them within a week's time of the activity being posted.   


If you participate in at least half the trivia and half the forum activities presented, you will earn a nice Award to add to your treasures   


Mark the Forum to follow it (see above for places to click to follow either forum and topic) so you get notifications of new things when they appear! 



Join us and enjoy Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore



NOTE: If for accessibility reasons you can't complete any of the tasks, please just let me or Fels know and an alternative can be worked out.

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You have until May 14th, 11:59 PM HOL time to get everything done!




If you have sent something in, and your name isn't added on the lists, let us know. We'll look for it. If need be, we'll ask you to resend it.



Remember, if you participate in at least half of the activities presented, both Trivia and Forum activities, you will earn a nice Award to add to your treasures!   ......    Fantastic-Beasts-3-award-1.jpg

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