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Hufflepuff Awards Descriptions

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#1 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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Posted 17 January 2017 - 05:49 AM

We used to have here in the Sett a list of some of the Awards that Hufflepuff gives out and what they were for. Just in case you received an Award and wondered ... what IS this thing? Why did I receive it?!  I cannot find that write-up (it might also have been in our Yearbook -- which got eaten ...) so am posting this -- in case you are curious!  Here is a list of some of the awards given out from various and sundry folks of Hufflepuff. No, it's not a complete list, but covers a few of them. 


Diamond Hoarder - For the person, Badger or not, who has the 3rd highest number of Diamonds earned in the months July - June.
Diamond Hoarder Extraordinaire - For the person, Badger or not, who has the 2nd highest number of Diamonds earned in the months July - June.
Diamond Hoarder Specialist - For the person, Badger or not, who gathered the most Diamonds during the months July - June.


Badger By Another Name Award - this goes to folks who are of other Houses (or no house affiliation) who have shown themselves by deed or word or action to have distinct Badger traits.
Badger Sett-er - for the regular and active Sett Visitor, and it may be a Badger or ... maybe not!
CheekyBadger - Haven't the foggiest of what this could be *halo*
House Spirit Award (HSA) - an award given to a person that the Spirit Committee feels shows an exemplary amount of House Spirit; is always a Badger.
Hungarian Horntail Award - A poll is done for HSA winners for months September - January & February through June (ie months of the school year) with a Summer Option award (see below) -- whoever gets the most votes wins this award. It's like a HSA magnified.
HSA - Summer Edition - the House Spirit Award given out in summer months (July and August); this person is not considered for the following terms' Hungarian Horntail award.
Ickle Firstie Award - First years only may apply - for the active Ickle who participates in a lot of Sett (or HOL) activities
NotALlama Award - Folks who think of fun things to do and then follow through on them (this is not the same as OOH-Creativity because it could include redoing old ideas, or starting (and continuing) an RPG that many folks participate in. Basically this is for folks who help to keep activity in the Sett ('Hufflepuff') - active.

The Reserved Badger - this award is for the badger who is "reserved" ... doing his or her assignments, not wandering the Sett but still earning points for Hufflepuff....

Order of Helga - Courage Award - for something that required more than the usual amount of courage, keeping in mind that Badgers are pretty brave
Order of Helga - Creativity Award - for brilliant ideas that are created and acted upon, usually positively impacting Sett activity but something affecting the whole of HOL
Order of Helga - Hard Work Award - Badgers work hard; whoever gets this award is someone who is probably suffering an extensive brain damage
Order of Helga - Humourist Award - no idea hahahahaaaheeeheheheeeee *snort*
The Parker Award - for the mischievous Badger

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#2 Marcie Hobber

Marcie Hobber

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Posted 08 April 2017 - 09:59 PM

I just received a 'poke' from a certain someone (looks discretely up) to remind me that there are some awards that are related to Hufflepuff Quidditch only! 


Botting Monster AwardThis is for the Spiffy (a member of the HQT) who has botted the most points in a given month.

Quidditch Broomkeeper's Award - Someone(s) who have really either worked their behinds off behind the scene or been present all the time no matter what happens in their RL or other things. A way to reward the person who might not be the fastest typist or the very best at trivia but gives their all and MORE. 

SpiffySpiffy Award - The SpiffySpiffy award was created to acknowledge the in-house Most Valuable Player in a quidditch match (a regular inter-house quidditch game). It does not have to be someone who is actually playing in the game, it might be someone in the team room who is supplying answers of their own knowledge or keeping spirits up or cheering or all of the above.

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