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Spring Delight

By Rose Pottermore, Gryffindor

I love the pleasant spring weather,
Beautiful plains covered with heather.
Lovely surroundings and fresh air,
Butterflies dancing here and there.

Spring mornings are a feast to my eyes,
Like a goddess in disguise.
With sparkling, silver drops of dew,
The morning sun rises anew.

Spring afternoons are a perfect delight,
The right time to fly a kite.
Blossoms flourish and some fall,
Birds answer to each other's call.

Spring evenings are charming and sweet,
The skies and the lands together meet.
Blows a light, cool breeze,
With the humming of the bees.

Spring shows mother nature's grace,
And makes the world a more beautiful place.
I could just shout and sing:
"I'm so glad it's finally spring!"